Thursday, November 5, 2009

That's All, Folks . . .

So - this is my last post on this blog. I'm turning in my "Journey" rights and moving on.

Stop crying. It is okay. Really, it is.

I'm not going far away - just a click actually.

Yep. That's right. I've started a new blog. You can read it, obsess over it and make it your very own by simply clicking here (and then updating your bookmarks).

THANK YOU - so very, very much to the Danbury Hospital for asking me to do this blog two years ago. You have no idea how important the blog has been to me as I worked through all the crap of life after surgery and THANKS to all the friends that I have made (and who only really exist to me) through this blog.

I HOPE we can stay connected. I wish you all the very best in your own "journeys" and I hope you will come on over and stay a reader of my blog at the new place!

Peace and love, peace and love!

- Sean

Monday, November 2, 2009

BREAKING NEWS - Junk Food is Addictive . . .

I hope you are sitting down for this. Really - this is bigger than a sale at JCPenney! It turns out (drum roll please) that junk food is ADDICTIVE.

Yep. It is true. According to some crack-pot researcher in Jolly Old England your brain, over time, can find fatty, salty, junky foods to be as addictive if not MORE addictive than drugs.

I just read this article. Anyone surprised? ANY ONE?!

Nah - me neither. Let's be honest . . . there is no reason food can NOT be as addictive as drugs. Both are full of complex (or overly simple) ingredients and both are priced to move. Both play a chemical role in the body and the brain. Both are not priced in a way that really limits access or usage. Both are things that can/should be talked about in the context of moderation (except crack - as Whitney once pointed out "Crack is whack!"). Both are things that will quite literally kill you (or lead to your demise at least - after all guns don't kill people . . . people who hold the gun, point it at another person and pull the trigger while maintaining focus/aim).

Anywho - read the article. Have a giggle. Put the fork done. Enjoy your life and your food in moderation . . . you addict you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We Live in America . . .

It's been a while since I posted any good Ava stuff but - in the spirit of Halloween - I have a treat for you (if you, like me, think my daughter being "her" is a treat). Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep last night!