Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vote for Chris Christie . . .

I am not a Republican (I know, you are all shocked) and I am not from nor do I live in New Jersey (I know you are all, like me, thankful for that. VERY thankful) and I don't know much about John Corzine (and I don't much care to know) but - this crap makes me want to vote for Chris Christie.

I get it. Politics is never as professional as it is personal and never personal so much as it is professional. One of my grad school professors told me that and - as much as it makes my head hurt it actually does make sense. I get that you have to get nutty to win in politics. ESPECIALLY in New Jersey. Look at the history of New Jersey politics and you will shake your head in disgust and agreement (and then look just East to New York City politics and realize that New Jersey is just a lovely place to run for office). I get all that.

But to put footage of an obese man getting out of a car and say he "throws his weight around" is clearly . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . SIZISM! You would not say that a black candidate was a "dark cloud" for their positions. You would not say that an American Indian "sent smoke signals" to his supporters. You wouldn't show a female opponent and say she "bent over backwards for favors." You wouldn't show an Irish candidate and call them drunk. Well - you might do that (it is okay, I'm like 60% Irish - I'm allowed to make that joke).

Long story long you meant it, Governor. You went for the easy, cheap shot and . . . frankly . . . you wasted your time. Anyone that looks at Mr. Christie knows he's got "a few to lose" and the fact that he's been as successful as he has shows that, despite his weight (and the assumptions you want people to make behind it) he is neither lazy, nor stupid, nor simple, nor a pariah.

You meant it. You should just apologize for it and do the right thing.

And SHAME on any voter in the state of New Jersey that would fall for this sort of crap and think less of a candidate because of their weight. If he was running for Mr. Perfect Body or if he was up for President of Fit Personsland I would get it. He's running for Governor. Of New Jersey. The scandalous allegations, if true, simply prove that he has connections and is willing to use them. His weight, if it was important at all, would simply showcase that the guy does not currently put enough time and emphasis to his own health. That might be a good thing for the people of New Jersey - at least in the short term.

PS - Mom and Dad Christie . . . naming your son Christopher Christie is not cute, fun or appropriate. Leave that to the Eileen Dovers, Richard Head and Amanda Hugenskweezs of the world. PLEASE! No repetitive or cutsey names for kids anymore. I'd totally vote for THAT!

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