Friday, October 16, 2009

Things I Want to Eat . . .

I have spent a good chunk of the last evening sitting around with a sick three year old and a pile of back issues of some of my favorite magazines.

Entertainment Weekly, GQ, Esquire, Men's Health, Runner's World, Bon Appetit, Everyday Food, Fast Company and O (don't judge until you've tried it) to be precise.

I love magazines. Always have. Probably always will. I think it has something to do with my desire to be a jack of all information and a master of none. Anywho I quickly ran through O and the men's magazines. I decided I would revisit the fitness magazines on my next lazy day (or next day that I needed reminding of why I should not be so lazy) and I dove - fork first - in to the food publications.

Yep. Like any good recovering alcoholic standing in the bar parking lot or a rabid gambler itching to get in on the office "birth pool" for the pregnant woman in accounting, I just can't turn my back on food. Nope. Quite the opposite. I've learned more about and deepened my actual love and appreciation for food since my gastric bypass surgery.

You wouldn't believe the ingredients in food until you have to watch, obsessively, for one particular (and OMNIPRESENT ingredient) and you wouldn't believe how much great food I have probably had in my life without ever really enjoying it (it was just a means to an end for all those years). I digress.

The point is that I'm building a list of "I'd like to have a taste of these foods" that I want to try (not go crazy on, not put in the rotation, not gain my 250 pounds back on but TRY - in the true spirit of moderation and enjoying the life you have).

And I'm NOT talking (this time) about the Sugar Free Swiss Cake Rolls that I actually dream of nearly nightly.

1 - Hummus (my favorite food in the whole world anyway) served in its disputed place of origin . . . Byzantium (aka Istanbul). I don't know that the chick peas are better or the olive oil more virginal or the pita pieces more pitaish but I know that all cultural elements are just "better" in their native land (like rap in Harlem or hairy female armpits in France, etc.).

2 - AUTHENTIC Chinese food. No - not sweet and sour chicken or chicken and chive egg rolls but the real flavors and dishes of China. There is a Chinese restaurant in DC's Chinatown (can't remember the name of it) that we always ate at and they had two different menus and sets of dishes for and two different approaches to customers - their Chinese customers and the rest of us. Guess which menu involved ordering by number? Yeah. Totally jealous.

3 - I want a Cinnamon and Sugar Toastie from the refined-sugar-free BabyCakes bakery on that cursed island of Manhattan (thanks and CURSE YOU (smile) Brandi, for showing me this site). Just give me the toastie. You can keep the rest of the madness!

4 -A number of the things featured on Bizarre Foods, sadly. I just can't help it . . . the bravery and freedom of it all attracts me in a strange way.

5 - A Lobster Roll (I'll even make an exception and eat bread this once) right on the shore near Portland, Maine. I clearly need to get my butt to Maine!

6 - One of those ultra-thin crust pizzas that cook in just 45 seconds in ultra-hot wood/brick ovens with just some olive oil, cheese, spinach and garlic at any "authentic" pizza place in Rome.

7 - THIS. At Martha Stewart's big farm in Connecticut . . . or at her place in the Hamptons. Martha doesn't have to make it (I would much prefer she spend her time just showing Joy and I around the grounds and introducing us to her rich and famous friends instead).

8 - Bone Marrow. No. Not of a small child (it is an urban legend that obese men eat children) but the kind of bone marrow that they serve in fancy-schmancy restaurants and that seems to be the newest "hip" food trend (replacing or joining donuts, macaroni and cheese, upscale burgers and bacon on many menus). I'm willing to bet it is gross but I used to feel the same way about soy so - what do I know?

9 - Haggis. I just want to try it. Not sure why. I think it is because I once heard Anthony Bourdain say that a man is not a man until he's tasted it (it might not have been Bourdain . . . and he might not have been talking about haggis but I'm pretty sure . . . )

10 - Whatever this woman wants to feed me. I love my wife. She is the most beautiful woman in the world and I would never jeopardize our marriage or our life together but dear Lord there is something magical about Nigella Lawson. Sadly I think every dish Nigella makes has a butter base with chocolate and sugar on top of it so, even in moderation, there is not much there to really enjoy. A boy can dream though . . .

Who wants to bring a fork and a spoon and join me?!

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Larraine said...

Hey, Sean! Just recently had a lobster roll. That was a big disappointment! My husband and I spent last week in the north shore area above Boston - think Gloucester, Salem, etc. It's a beautiful area. We at at a restaurant in Salem and shared a two lobster roll platter that was advertised as a "light" meal. (Light has a whole new meaning for a bariatric patient, doesn' it!) Anyway, it was just some very good lobster with topped with mayo and served on a lightly toasted slice of white bread that had been curved into a pseudo hot dog roll. I DID, however, have a very nice cup of lobster bisque, however!