Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running Scared from Running . . .

Ava, Lily and I were out for a Saturday morning stroll (which consists of Lily on her leash pulling me and me pulling Ava in her wagon) and we saw a few hundred people running the Rosstoberfest Run here on College Hill.

It reminds me that the Turkey Trot are quickly approaching and I've been a lazy, lazy man as of late. I was happy we were out walking and I ran on the treadmill this afternoon while Ava took her nap (Joy was in school all morning and is working all afternoon/evening so I'm doing the dad thing (and loving it, even though we miss Joy terribly on days like today)).

I'm getting nervous. I have to run in public and I'm simply not ready.

To add to the anxiety I saw a co-worker running this morning. That made me even MORE nervous. What if I see people I know at the race. What if - GASP - I get passed by a co-worker (not that I would run fast enough to get in front of them anyway besides by default at the start line, I man).

Oh man. I need to get at it . . .

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