Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Milk and Cookies . . .

I've organized a little pick-me-up for our agency that I'm both proud of and tortured by.

I've invited Wichita's own
Nancy Bell-Ringer (yep, her REAL name (LOVE IT!)) aka The Cookie Diva to come in to the office to bake some fresh chocolate snickerdoodles for my colleagues. She'll be baking them up and we'll be serving them warm with cold milk and hot Mexican chocolate (with and without the Kahlua (we work in advertising, cliches are cliches for a reason)).

My hope was that our little afternoon snack would help cheer some folks up around here (it has been a cold and dreary week or so here in Wichita and the flu is making the rounds on top of it).

The thick, gooey and ice cold irony of a guy who's spent the last nearly three years of his life trying to divorce food from his emotions and emotions from his food has decided that milk and cookies are just what his colleagues need to be happy.

Anywho - the cookie party seems to have worked - for better or for worse.

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