Monday, October 12, 2009

He Wenna' Head and Put a Ring On It . . .

My friend Carrie from my DC days got engaged this weekend! I am (obviously) thrilled for her and wish her and her husband-to-be Nathan all the very best.

Carrie, for those that don't know, came in to my life by way of her cousin Jessica. Carrie and I were not exactly "fast friends" at first but we became friends over museum and coffee days that slowly morphed in to Days of Fun and our monthly dinners that featured agendas and everything.

Carrie suffered my infatuation and smittenness with more than one woman in our proverbial hey day. I'm sure she's still trying to forget my "emotional affair" with the woman that sold me books at the Borders across the street from my office. I think she is the only person I ever told about my long, secretive relationship with my mystery-woman-from-wealthy-lineage. She suffered my sadness over unrequited feelings for a friend of mine very well AND (drum roll please) Carrie was willing to drop everything and join me for a "double date" (no, she and Vinu were not really on a date) and drinks the night I met my beautiful wife in person for the first time.

Carrie was a good sounding board in the early days and growing pains of Joy and I's courtship and she was there for me when I didn't have a lot of other folks I could talk to about some of my concerns about trying to go from a selfish, self absorbed, egotistical, vain and self centered man to a doting puppy dog in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. Ironically many of my friends were confused by my falling in love with Joy since they assumed I secretly pined for Carrie and Carrie was the ONLY one of my female friends, save for her cousin Jess who was truly a sister to me at the time, that Joy was not dubious of in terms of my relationship with them (Joy was not as trusting then as she is now - and with good reason, I suppose).

The thing I have to point out here is that Carrie was (and likely still is) tough as nails. You didn't mess with her. She didn't suffer to much crap. You didn't take advantage of her. You didn't keep her waiting. You didn't expect her to jump through hoops you wouldn't jump through for her. You didn't dump too much crap on her in one sitting. You didn't expect a pity party without a willingness to do something about it when the crying was over. She's good like that. She helped me become more good like that, frankly (Carrie's tough-love is constructive as where mine was often just rude and lacking in the love part of the tough-love).

Anywho - I've seen Carrie come a long way in her life. When we first met she was coming out of a long relationship and she has had a few relationships in the meantime. Carrie always walked away from every one of the "failed" relationships with a moral and a lesson and she came out a stronger and more beautiful person. She's had, no doubt, to soften a little bit along the way too but she's come out way on top and at the place she said she always wanted to be. In love and eager to start a family.

I have not met Nathan but his ability to capture her heart and convince her to give him the rest of her life must mean he's a stellar-fellar.

I'm rambling . . . I guess the point is that Carrie is (soon to be "was") one of my few remaining single friends in this world and is the most recent to find a love that they deem worthy of making a life time commitment over. I hope they ALL end out married, happy and with as few or many children as they want. For today though - all that positive energy and happiness is going straight to my dear Carrie-Barrie and her betrothed.

Congrats, pally!


nytova said...

Wow Sean, what a surprise to find this in my Google Reader this morning! Thank you for your sweet words! It's fun to learn how other people see us, right?! And I nearly forgot about your Borders crush, I remember going over there with you one day! This and all the other memories, thanks for writing them down here! (And OMG I can't believe I am finally gonna settle down with one person for the rest of my life! Whoa, LOL!)

Sean C. Amore said...

May the world look kindly on the Borders Lady and all the other women I've loved before (and, more importantly, CURRENTLY). You are m ore than welcome for the congrats. I meant every word of it . . . and then some!