Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Wifey . . .

Today is my smart, talented, funny, beautiful and amply bosomed (I'm just sayin'!) wife's birthday. Her 35th birthday, specifically.

I vowed not to get too personal here on the blog any more but it makes me so very happy to celebrate a special day like this with my wife.

Granted I won't actually see her until about 9:30 tonight (I left the house at 4:45 this morning to come to work and Joy has work and then class this evening) but we had a nice family dinner and a fun cake last night with Joy's side of the family and we have a full weekend of birthday frivolity to look forward to.

The point is that I have a wife. An amazing one. One that loves me in my good days and more "typical" days too. She shares her graces and charms with me and she shares and has deigned to build a life with me.

She shares her birthdays with me. That means we are going to grow old together. One birthday at a time. Happy birthday and THANK YOU, wifey for all you do for Ava and I. See YOU at the Pumpkin Patch (if not sooner (smile))!

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