Friday, October 23, 2009

Fat Tax Talk is Back . . .

They are talking about this again in New York and I'm alllll for it.

Consider me a supporter! Let's make this federal (as many are suggesting in this debate over health care reform) and let's make it broad reaching (NOT just on soda but on allllll sorts of things).

It will NOT destroy the food industry (any one seen "big tobacco" begging for change on the corner recently?) but it will help show people where "junk foods" are (it is like the skull and crossbones they wanted to put on cigarette packs).

More importantly it might just encourage more THOUGHT in the grocery store (or anywhere food is purchased/consumed) and it WILL lead to more revenue for the governments on the local, state and federal level that will have to care for all these obese people we are becoming and raising. The facts show that the obese DO cost more to care for, long term, and that is something that fuels anti-obesity sentiment (something I am OPPOSED to) so if we stop the growth and if we strengthen the coffers than we might just level the perspective and move this towards EDUCATION (where it should be).

The argument that this is just a revenue builder for the state is likely TRUE. Who cares? It might just trickle down the right way. The argument that this is the state "stealing" money through excess tax is NOT true. You do not, for the record, have to buy soda or any other "fat" food. We CHOOSE to. They CHOOSE to tax the CHOICES of those of us that partake. Again - look at tobacco. Look at alcohol. Look at car ownership. Home ownership. Carrying a gun. It is the same thing. SAME. EXACT. THING.

This (the tax on food (NOT premiums for insurance, NOT higher costs for buses and subways, NOT eliminating services and access)) is a GOOD thing. Trust me.

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