Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Gamble in Asia . . .

We were sort of hard up for a late dinner tonight in St. Louis. NOT that there are not probably hundreds of great places to eat but we were all tired from a long day of travel and just wanted something easy so - despite not being gamblers or people that particularly enjoy patterned carpets and women in ill-fitting cocktail waitress uniforms/polyester mini-dresses, we went over to the casino figuring they would have a few restaurants for us to choose from.

We chose Asia. The continent, apparently. I saw the continent because, like the large, large land mass the menu at Asia had some Chinese, some Japanese, some Vietnamese, some Thai and some French options. Yes. French options.

What DIDN'T the restaurant have? Wait staff that knew the menu or the process of cooking that went in behind the scenes.

Here's my BIGGEST fear in life after gastric bypass surgery . . . showing up at work naked. Here's my SECOND biggest fear in life after gastric bypass surgery . . . not knowing what I'm eating.

I am SO afraid of this that I rarely eat food I don't prepare first-hand and I even more rarely eat anything that someone else makes without asking several questions. That goes (especially) for food made by my dear, dear Mother and it goes for food made even by people, like my friend Brandi, who totally get the restrictions I am up against after surgery. I just won't do it and I TOTALLY suggest that any of you who have gone through - or might go through GB be the same way.

It is just not worth it to find out, once you have a plate in front of you, that the food is cooked in, stuffed with and topped with butter or that the chicken quesadilla is made with chicken marinated in sugary, sugary barbecue sauce or that the steak you ordered is "dry rubbed" with a spice blend that includes sugar ALL THREE of which have happened to me.

SO - I did my normal thing. Asked questions. LOTS of them. The waitress was NO help. She assured me that the LEAST sweet dish on the menu was the sweet and sour chicken. She was all but sure that the plum steak was not sweetened and she, after telling me that it was "impossible" to order just a protein with no sauce and no rice or noodles she pointed me to the vegetarian section . . . BOTH options. BOTH of which came with sauce.

I ended out enjoying a bowl of steamed edamame while my colleagues whooped up some sushi, lo mein and shrimp and chicken pad thai. I popped the soy from the pod and vowed to never, ever eat at Asia again. Now eating IN Asia is something I'm planning to some day do for sure.

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