Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who Says You Can't Go Home? . . .

We had a short-but-wonderful time in Baltimore/DC and enjoyed seeing the folks we saw and doing the things we did.

There was this nagging little sensation that something was missing though. Something just wasn't right. Something was "off" (and I don't just mean Joy's ability to ride in a car in DC traffic without screaming, swearing and hyper-ventilating).

We didn't have enough time while we were there to really figure out exactly why it felt odd but it certainly did. Anywho, we got back to the good-ol' ICT at about 10:30 AM CT on Sunday and we hugged and kissed Ava (who was NOT at all impressed that we had gone away and left her with her Grandparents for the weekend (the sneers continue as I type this) and realized what we already knew.

DC and Baltimore are no longer "home." They haven't been in years. Sure that is where Joy and I met and that is where our love grew and where we first found out we would be parents and where some of our greatest victories and setbacks have come and some of our very best friends still live there but - at the end of the day - we are Kansans now. Our life is here.

You can, to Bon Jovi's point, go home but you have to realize that it is more than just where your hat is hanging. It is where your energies and ambitions and hopes and dreams hang. Oh - and - GOD willing "home" is not New Jersey (no offense, Garden Staters - I'm sure it is a really, really lovely place (smile)).

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