Sunday, September 6, 2009

Virtual Friends . . .

A lot of people "poo poo" this whole "social media thing." Blogs? Facebook? LinkedIn? Postcards from Venice? Okay, not that last one . . . people don't ever poo poo things from Venice but I want to share the POWER of blogging.

Ava has never met Clara Thomas but she "knows" her well. She has her favorite photos, favorite expressions, favorite moments and favorite Clara hats. HOW? Well Clara (through her parents) blogs.

We told Clara about Ava's obsession with Clara and her blog and Clara was gracious enough to send a very special "shot out" to her biggest fan. We showed Ava the clip after bath time (which was a mistake since she got super excited and amped up from watching). Watch this classic reaction . . .


Thanks for doing us the solid, Clara. And thank you, Blogosphere, for giving Ava her first flavor of celebrity endorsement.

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Meg said...

Love it! They should skype.