Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look, Kids. Fat People . . .

I love Facebook. I really do. You get to learn so much about your friends and co-workers (and family) and their friends and co-workers (and family). For instance . . . this little nugget posted as a comment/wall-to-wall on a co-worker's Facebook page (his status indicated he was headed to the Kansas State Fair today):

Will you be counting the morbidly obese and homemade tattoos? A favourite family activity of ours at the Fair.

Ha! Sooooo funny.

Perhaps I'm brushing over the tattoo part of your pithy remark but . . . You consider making fun of the obese a FAMILY activity? Really?

Despite the proper, snooty, pinky-out bologna of the u in favourite (yawn) I gather you might not be the most upstanding citizen on Facebook, my friend-of-a-friend.

Do you also mock the handicapped? Do you point out all the "people of color" (er, colour (sorry))? Are there bonus points for the first family member to spot a real-life midget?

Of course not. That would be absurd. You'd look like a terrible parent if you played those games. But the fat people? Point! Mock! Giggle! Stand behind 'em in the funnel cake line.

No offense, kind sir but if you and your family are bonding through sizism you might consider starting a board game night or reading a book about what you should NOT teach or encourage in your children.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go give Ava a pair of scissors and encourage her to run around the house with them.

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