Sunday, September 13, 2009

Falling for Fall . . .

It is starting to feel a LOT like fall here in the Wichi-Wichi! There is (in my never humble opinion) better time than fall!

I am craving some distraction and happy news the last few days so I figured I'd just get my "dreamer hat" on and just let it roll. Turns out that, on top of a wonderful family, fulfilling job, great friends and one of Wichita's finest collections of rubber spatulas - I have lots to focus on.

Several things have me excited about this change of seasons. Here, in no particular, are the thing I am most excited about for the coming months . . .

1 - Hooded Sweatshirts - I bought my first hoodie the other day. It's grey heather (heather grey?) and it has a zipper that goes the whole way up. Drawstrings in the hood. I look like Rocky when I strap that thing on and hit the mean streets of College Hill. It'll be nice to have some cold and crisp air to justify a warm layer over my signature pocket t-shirt. Aaaaddddrrrriiiiaaaannnneee!

2 - Sweater Season - Speaking of cold, crisp air . . . bring on the sweaters. Lots of them. Crewnecks. V-necks. Cardigans. Vests. Shawl collars. Cotton. Cashmere. Blend. It doesn't matter. I'll wear them and love them and appreciate the warmth they give me!

3 - Where the Wild Things Are - I've read the book countless times, I've read it to Ava countless times, I give it as a standard "so, you're having a baby gift" to friends and family and now . . . finally . . . a movie . . . and a Spike Jonze movie no less! I'm THERE! Maybe a few times!

4 - Traveling - We're going to Dallas for the weekend. I'm going to Kansas City (see below). We're talking about going way, way East at Christmas time and I'm planning a surprise trip to visit someone I love and miss very much . . . all this fall. Shake the dust off the luggage, kids. It's time to travel.

5 - Ben Folds - October 25th. Here. In Wichita. Me. A few thousand other fans (new and old). I'm praying he plays Gracie, Landed and Jesusland but I'll settle for a chance to sway to the music of "The Luckiest" with my beautiful bride . . . just like we did the day she became my beautiful bride!

6 - Kansas City, TWICE - I get to leave the 316 and go just a few short hours up the road to a city that I really, really enjoy visiting. The best part of it . . . I'm going for work. BOTH times. Yep. "Proof" that the economy is turning back around - the return of business travel!

7 - Fall Television - I'm either going to log more hours on the treadmill than you can shake a stick at or just hours and hours and hours on the couch. Biggest Loser. Glee. Community. Fringe. And a handful of others. Get ready DVR . . . you and I are going to get some serious workouts this fall!

8 - Pumpkin Patch Season - If you need Joy, Ava and I on any given weekend between next week and Halloween we'll either be in class (Joy), at work (Joy) or at one of several Kansas pumpkin patches just blowing off steam and enjoying all that fall has to offer . . . with caramel corn and apple cider for the ladies in my life!

9 - Turkey Trot - Yep. This fat man runs (and risks nipple chaffing) with thousands of other Wichitans in just two and a half months. May God have mercy on all of our souls!

10 - Joe by Joseph Abboud at JCPenney - I haven't been THIS excited about new clothes at JCPenney since Ralph Lauren launched the "American Living" collection two years ago!

11 - The Monsters of Folk - I don't often get excited about new music (that is sarcasm, clearly) but when bits and pieces of some of my favorite groups in the world get together to form a "supergroup" I'll fall for it, get excited about it and pre-order it every. single. time!

12 - Up on DVD - The best movie of the summer. In the comfort of our home. And if Ava has anything to say about it - we'll watch it 15 - 20 times per week for a least the two months immediately following its release and - unlike a few of the DVDs in heavy post-bath, pre-story/bedtime rotation here in the house - I won't mind one stinking bit.

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