Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breaking News - Our Kids Are Fat . . .

I hope you are sitting down. I have a stunner to share. Yep! This just in . . . our kids are getting fatter (as are our adults).

Watch the video. Learn very little. Go back about your day.

Enough with the finger pointing, skinny people and so-called "experts."

The idea of taxation of junk food, certainly the suggestion that "social networking" and peer monitoring and SUPPORT (not just mocking and abuse) among kinds might be beginning and the notion that we might/should/would/could all take responsibility for our own families thrills me but . . . if you do not have a solution besides banishing sugar, outlawing sugary drinks, meaningless posting of nutritional information in restaurants (REALLY? McDonald's is not my best option? REALLY?!) and blaming child over-scheduling and other lameness that will never be truly impactful . . . enough just talking and talking and talking about it . . .

Let's be honest - all the sitting around and talking instead of ACTION is what got us in to this obesity epidemic to begin with!

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