Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Memories . . .

This is not really the forum to get overly political and I am not one to try to make something that I merely witnessed (despite living in Washington, DC at the time) "about me" so I won't get in to too much of my feelings on 9/11 (they mainly involve absolute sadness and a weird tinge of warmth and joy from the way people responded in the wake of the horror) but I wanted to share a vignette of the day.

I was typing with my former roommate (who shared my apartment with me on 9/11) and he remembered something I had forgotten . . . how absolutely PISSED I was that I could not get any place to make and bring me FOOD on 9/11.

Weird, right?! The world around me was in chaos and crisis (the Capitol literally up the street, tanks on the corners during my walk home, etc.) and I was worried about feeding the beast inside me.

The truth is that I had NO food in the apartment (my friend Al brought me fresh dinner every evening so there was no reason to keep food on hand) and since every bit of comfort I had in that part of my life came from food it was natural, sorta', that I was freaking out about not being able to get massive quantities of food.

Bob wanted to get home to his family. My brothers, parents and friends were calling. Most of my DC friends were with friends and family and ALL I wanted to do was eat (and/or get drunk).

I don't know what I would do if terrorists attacked Wichita tomorrow (hey, it could happen) but I KNOW I would not seek comfort in a knock at the door and food from a paper bag to follow.

Again, this is all very petty stuff in the face of real loss and real tragedy so please don't confuse this post as being anything of substance or relevant to the reality of that terrible, terrible day. Thoughts and prayers for all those truly impacted by the day!

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