Friday, August 21, 2009

The Worst Sandwich Since Sliced Bread . . .

I still firmly believe that only you are responsible for you. That goes for obesity, stupid things you say, fashion statements you choose to make (scrunchie lovers) and/or the tattoo you got on spring break in Cancun (A butterfly? On the small of your back? Really, Bob?) but this latest (alleged) creation from KFC might just be one of the many reasons that people point the "obesity" finger at the food industry.

The KFC Double Down (for those unwilling to watch the crappy quality video link above and who can't tell by the picture) is two breaded, fried chicken filets enveloping two slices of cheese and two strips of bacon. Let's assume it is 700 or 800 calories and 50 to 60 grams of fat . . . at least. The sodium is probably off the proverbial charts. Ironically it is well within Atkins guidelines (sorta). Ugh.

Unacceptable . . . and yet, 250 pounds ago, I would have been alllllll over this concoction. What was wrong with me? Seriously! At least I never spring breaked in Cancun (Bob!!!!!)!

UPDATE - Here is another gag-inducer that a co-worker just shared with me.

UPDATE 2 - Don't like the name of the blog but how frightening are the photos on this blog (and yet, in my "smoking" days I would have whipped all this up in a heartbeat).


Larraine said...

I didn't like that stuff BEFORE my weight loss surgery. The Krispy Kreme burger is especially ugly. How does that enter someone's body without them wanting to lose it all a few minutes later?

Larraine said...

OK, I went on that site. That stuff is mind-boggling. Who would actually eat any of it. Like I said, even before my surgery, I wouldn't eat it.

Sean C. Amore said...

I agree on those foods looking gross but I must confess (sadly) that I was NO stranger to monster foods once upon a time (not so long ago (grimace)).