Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Turkey Trot . . .

Drum roll please . . .

It is OFFICIAL. I am now registered to run the two mile race (I thought it was a 5K but it is, instead, 1/13th of a Marathon) course of the 34th Annual Wichita Turkey Trot on Saturday, November 21st at 9:30 AM.

The course takes you through the beautiful (and flat - thank GOD) Museums on the River section of Wichita.

I'm not scared of the two miles (I can run that now, at a very, very slow pace - the race starts at 9:30 so I figure I'll be done by 2:00 PM (smile)) but I'm truly scared to strap on my Asics and join THOUSANDS of other Wichitans (including a few co-workers) for a race where they can see the jiggly mass that is my body flapping all over the race course. I get nervous when I pass one or two fellow walkers/runners around the neighborhood when I venture outside for my exercise.

Let the serious "training" begin, I guess.

It is too late to turn back now. I've put this out on the blog - you can't take back a blog post (actually, you can (shhhhhh - don't tell anyone) but I'm going to try to keep myself honest on this one).

Start saying your prayers for me now.

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