Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer 2009 Playlist . . .

It has been a while, again, since I posted a playlist. As you know - I've been trying (very, very hard) to actually make exercise a true part of my life. I'm happy to tell you that, so far, I am winning that battle.

I've had a CRAZY couple of weeks so - we'll see - but, for now. I'm anxious to get back to walking, running, doing some yoga, doing some aerobics and enjoying the AbCirclePro (a gift from my wife for my birthday/Father's Day that I am LOVING) for three minutes a day (that is really all it takes to make you miserable).

I digress. ANYWHO - I'm trying to run more and more so the tempo of the music on recent playlists is getting faster too. I'll slow it down a little for the next playlist (for all you ballad lovers (smile)).

1 - Elizabeth & The Catapult, Race You - I like my folksy goodness. If you put a good beat under it and make it cheery and "race" inspired it just gets me ready to run. Especially when the idea is that you get to race back home (are we almost done yet? probably NOT if this is the first song on the mix).

2 - Hiphopper, Thomas Rusiak - In the late 90s there were three things that tickled me pink . . . South Park, the Internet and Kevin Smith. I was Silent Bob - minus the silent, lovable and schlumpy parts of his demeanor (smile). Give me this song any time and I'll give you a happy story about mocking Dogma protestors in Dupont Circle or learning more about Star Wars from the dialogue of Clerks than I ever might have from my roommates or own pop culture experience. And don't even get me started on Mallrats!

3 - Stevie Wonder, We Can Work It Out - Way underrated - Stevie Wonder really, really is the man. Forget his latter stuff. Focus on the sweet-spot days (sometime between pre-pubescent appearances at the Apollo and the late 80s, ideally) and you'll find a treasure chest of musical goodness that might never be rivaled.

4 - Maxwell, Help Somebody - I first got up the courage to pledge my love to Joy through the music of Maxwell but I loved him before I ever loved Joy. He's FINALLY back after eight years of hanging out, cutting his 'fro and ducking my iTunes playlists. Welcome back, my friend. Welcome back! And thanks for your help with the girl. That's still working out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

5 - The Shins, Sea Legs - Don't know how I found The Shins. Probably Esquire or GQ or some other publication that sets the bar that I hope my life might somehow be (while secretly thanking GOD my life is nothing like the ideal they present). No matter. I dig 'em. This song makes me happy. And Happy Sean works out harder than "Screw This Sean."

6 - Frou Frou, Let Go - Who remembers Garden State? No? JUST me. Impossible. Regardless. Let Go. There is beauty in the breakdown. There is happiness in the sweat.

7 - Rob Thomas, Little Wonders - Mock all you want. 530 posts later you should know this man doesn't have much to hide or much to apologize for. I don't like Matchbox 20. I don't like Rob Thomas. This song though . . . this song I love. Reminds me of The Robinsons which reminds me of The Bids. Which reminds me of why I started all this. Which makes me want to work out a little harder. Which reminds me of how much I enjoy penny loafers. NO time to connect those dots right now - these playlist posts are long enough as is!

8 - Alanis Morissette, Underneath - Put it on the board. Another playlist with either Alanis, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Ben Folds or Prince present. Heck. This one has almost all of them. I like what I like. Can't help that. Won't help that.

9 - Simon & Garfunkel, Cecelia - You didn't think I had any depth to my musical choices, did ya'?! Yep. I go wayyyyy back every now and again. Just don't ask me about Neil Young, Don Heneley or Bruce Springsteen. You're likely to walk away with two blackeyes and a lower opinion of me than you approached me with!

10 - John Mayer, Bigger Than My Body - Again. You'll get no apologies from me so scoff away. John Mayer is my generation's musical icon. It'll just take 20 years to be more apparent because it'll take that long for him to stop Twittering and blogging. In the meantime, he makes me happy. His ego is matched by his talent and his swaggart. Reminds me of other people I think a lot of . . .

11 - Royksopp, Happy Up Here - I hate electronica/dance/whatever this crap is classified as but they played this song before the movies started at the Old Town Warren for a while this spring/early summer and I got attached to this song. It's fun to work out to as well. We COULD be happy up here!

12 - Nickel Creek, When You Come Back Down - Every good mix, according to Men's Health, needs a slower pace car to keep your heart from exploding and your enthusiasm from pushing you past your reality/capabilities. Enter Nickel Creek. Yep. Bluegrass-Pop. I'm eclectic, yo! Just ask my crappy music collection!

13 - Ben Folds, Adelaide - Welcome to the mix, Ben! What took you so long?!

14 - Miley Cyrus, The Climb - Confused by Miley Cyrus being here? How about the fact that I only know of this song because of Howard Stern? The world is a complicated place. Stop worrying about the economy so much and you'll find that out. Complicated and beautiful - if not an uphill battle!

15 - S.W.V., Right Here (Radio Remix) - R.I.P. Michael Jackson. This song reminds me of high school and driving back and fourth from "the lake" (the truth being "the" lake was actually three different lakes and three different cottages owned by friends). Good song. Good sample. Viva la sample!

16 - De La Soul, Respect - There is a KILLER iTunes/Nike running mix from De La Soul you might check out if you enjoy "the La" but - it would be a boring playlist if I just put one, 45 minute long song here.

17 - Gnarles Barkley, Just a Thought - This song reminds me of Ava's birth mother. I won't ever get in to any of that in this forum but know that, three years later, I have way more respect for her than I ever thought I would be able to muster. I might never come to true pease with her but she and her struggles are a huge part of us becoming a family and I can respect her for wrestling her demons and hoping to eventually come out on top. I'd be a hypocrite if I couldn't at least be honest and do that much for her.

18 - Kayne West, Hey Mama - This song reminds me of my mother and, more importantly, Wifey. I just want to do things right, make them proud of me and give them a reflection of the life they worked so hard and sacraficed so much to afford me. I might never really be the ideal I chase but - I'm on this damned treadmill working on it as we speak!

19 - Blur, Song 2 - Annoying, annoying, annoying song. Almost no reason to like it. And yet - here I am. Running while listening to it. Life is complicated, people.

20 - N.E.R.D., Run to the Sun - I searched by keywords in my iTunes library and stumbled up this when I searched, uh, "run." I had all but forgotten about this album. I used to play COPIOUS amounts of Tiger Woods Golf while listening to this CD. Now I actually move more than my thumbs while listening. One more time in this post - life is COMPLICATED and twisted. And Stevie Wonder is talented. Can't say that enough!

What do you listen to when you work out? PLEASE share any tunes that keep you moving (unless it is death metal, please (smile))!

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