Monday, August 31, 2009

Somedays . . .

There are certain days that will make you feel like you are still that 500 pound man with all of his rage and insecurities. Your love and respect for your wife and daughter will not stop you from behaving like a jack ass. Your constant striving to be (and be seen as) a better professional will take a set-back. You won't be a good friend. Your mentalities on who you are will be questioned by not only those around you but by good-ol' you too. You can't possibly stop these days from coming.

You can follow your diet and exercise routine. You can work diligently on a healthy work-life balance. You can avoid stress and known stressors. You can try to shrink your ego while over-feeding your humility.

You can read books . . . actual BOOKS . . . on how to manage your stress when it starts and breathing patterns that should calm you (saying the alphabet backwards with two deep "ins" and two deep "outs" between each letter is absolute crap, by the way).

You can try to focus on happy thoughts (ah, Boden for Men) and you can pray for these days to be far and in-between and you can barter for them to end quickly (I offered my soul to the Devil himself at about 5:00 today - apparently I should have offered something of more value (like a Fashion Snuggie) to sweeten the proverbial pot) and you can run home and kiss that wife and daughter you love and respect so much.

But those days will still come. This is a promise my 33 years of life have always kept.

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