Thursday, August 13, 2009

Running From YouTube . . .

I Got an interesting e-mail earlier yesterday. Friend A (we'll call her) wanted to know if maybe (MAYBE) I'm not taking this whole running thing/obsession waaaaayyyyyy (that's a direct copy/paste) too far.

The easy answer is YES (it also happens to be the honest answer) but I would add a caveat that any man who got to a weight of 530 pounds knows how to take things to extremes . . . and he attacks those extremes until he finds something else to get obsessed with.

I thought about typing her a note back but - screw it - she reads the blog. Here are 10 video clips that somehow involve running . . . if you are not inspired to run by the end of the #1 clip . . . you and I should probably talk about what really DOES motivate you (I'll assume money and/or porn in the meantime).

For the rest of you . . . catch up with you later (Get it? It's a I-Know-I-Run-Slow-Running-Pun!)!

10 - Run Reckless, Run Like Hell
9 - Nike's Bear Butte Running Camp
8 - The Choice Between Hard Time and Prime Time
7 - The Griswalds Finally Arrive at Wally World
6 - Bond, James Bond (Start about 1:10 in)
5 - The Long Green Line Trailer
4 - OK, Go!
3 - It's a World Record
2 - Opening Sequence of Chariots of Fire
1 - Run, Forrest, Run!


nytova said...

It's not unusual to replace one addiction with another. To replace eating with running for example. In my case, I replaced smoking with running. I can't tell you how many of the guys I used to see smoking are now not just runners, but AVID runners. It's our addictive personalities, and at least you have chosen a healthy obession. I love reading about your enthusiasm for running!!

Sean C. Amore said...

You've seen me through a FEW of my addictions/obsessions. I'm also happy to finally have a healthy one!