Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post 530 . . .

This is post number 530 on this here blog. That is about 500 more posts than I thought I would ever bother to type. I did some quick math - in those 530 posts I made 3,540,678 typos, 586 grammatical errors, contradicted myself 19 times and made myself cry (yep, reading back my own posts actually made me cry) 4 times.

I had actually committed to shutting down the blog when I hit post 530. It is the weight I reference as being my heaviest (I round down because . . . I don't know why)) and I'm working on a book (yep, I'm egotistical enough to actually believe I have a BOOK in me) that keeps me way more energized from a writing perspective. Content has become an issue - I've stopped talking as much about my beautiful wife and daughter and my surgery-influenced life ended long ago. I'm just another moderately overweight guy shuffling through life, frankly. I didn't know what more I had to share.

But my running and commitment to getting rid of the rest of this weight and working on the book has me tapping it to weird memories and people that have influenced my life. Combined, I am feeling like I have stuff to share again. It is also a proven fact that this blog actually helps keep me, my diet and my emotions honest. And we alllll need more truth.

The interesting part of hitting 530 is that people, hundreds per week, still come to read my ramblings. I figured you would have all given up 500 posts ago too. THANK YOU for suffering me and for your strange curiosity with me and my simple little life.

I'll keep typing as long as you people keep visiting/reading, I suppose.

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