Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Milk Diet - A Brief Update . . .

I wanted to update everyone (as I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting some "news" out of me) on my milk diet.

I'm half-way through Day 2 and, I have to be honest, it is already pretty much over. Here's the highlights . . .

1 - I got a frantic (okay, it was not at ALL frantic but, for dramatic effect I will say it was) note from Mary Lou urging me to be rational (she never used the word) and not to engage in stupid, fad diets (of popular origin or personal initiation) and pointing out some of the flaws in my Milk Is the Answer logic (there are specific challenges to getting all of your nutrients, vitamins and minerals out of just milk and it can even bind your supplements in some regards).

2 - I felt absolutely terrible last night at about 8:00 PM. I'm SURE it was completely psychological but I just felt sort of crappy and crampy and miserable. I broke down and had a chunk of cheese and a spoonful of peanut butter (not at the same time) to get some actual "food" in my system and still felt sort of crappy as I went to bed (without working out).

I've only ever felt that way one other time - when I was supposed to have my surgery in Baltimore, my surgeon urged me to lose as much weight as I could before my surgery date and I was put on a straight up starvation diet for two weeks. I was told - and I willingly (gleefully) cooperated - to eat nothing for two weeks. I was allowed to drink water and any other zero-calorie beverage I wanted and I was giving the green light for sugar free jello and a partial Slim Fast (I was told I could drink any diet shake or supplement but I chose Slim Fast) as required. I was also, before anyone questions the medical sanity of the program, to take my vitamins and supplements and to stop partaking in the diet the minute it got nutty for me or the minute I felt terrible (I was called or e-mailed daily by three people from the hospital to monitor my general well being).

I made it through the program, believe it or not. I did the two weeks and lost 20 some pounds in the process BUT it was quite the drama. I was commuting from Baltimore to DC every day and was largely exhausted all the time to begin with. Without food it got nutty. I remember one morning Joy came in the room of our house where I got dressed (there was only one closet in our bedroom at the time and Wifey's clothes poured out of it to begin with) and hugged me and asked me why I was already up and if I felt okay. I got grumpy with her and "reminded her" that my work/life balance required I leave the house by 6:00 AM each morning to get to work on time so I could frequently be seen getting dressed in the 5:00 hour. Joy simply pointed out that was all fine and well but the fact that I was getting dressed in the 2:00 hour had her nervous.

I also fell asleep on the Metro on the way back to my car one evening. While STANDING (I should probably point out).

It goes without saying that my attitude and my general demeanor suffered GREATLY during this phase (then again who could really tell since I was a miserable S.O.B. in general during that particular phase of my life) but I did it.

I did it to lose weight and to ensure I could have my surgery. I was desperate at that time and my medical team was too.

I'm not desperate now and neither is any one else. I'm not going to do anything nutty or rash or awkward for myself. I'm trying to be happy and energetic and wonderful and spirited . . . no boredom with my food is worth risking that.

I digress . . . I'm giving it another go today BUT I am going to eat a little something at dinner time to make sure I can at least get my workout in. If I don't feel better this evening - I abandon ship in the morning.

I'm still not missing food and I'm still not excited about the idea of going back to my limited diet and pouch-ish portions but . . . I'm not willing to make myself miserable or jeopardize my workouts for the sake of being happier with the eating process/mandates.

My initial advice - don't try the Milk Diet. I reserve the right to change that assessment though as the week goes on!

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