Thursday, August 27, 2009

Acceptance . . .

Something is weighing on me (pun sort of intended) and I wanted to try to work it out in 500 words or less (wish us all luck on that one).

My friend NYtoVA (and I really do appreciate her for this) called me out on my blog post about the "plus size model" and my loose use of the word "acceptance" in terms of us accepting that we are getting heavier as a nation.

I meant it in the sense of us ACKNOWLEDGING that we are getting heavier - not just throwing up our hands and heading back to the buffet for some more sweet and sour donut holes.

Let me further clarify my position on our obesity. I think we do have to ACCEPT that we are getting heavier and THEN work on fixing it - as individuals.

Global warming, increase in cancer rates, declining numbers of American Catholics, a rise in the market inventory of "premium denim," that Chris Brown has an anger problem. They say step one to solving a problem is to acknowledge it is there. Go to an AA meeting and the group will chant, by meeting's end, that the Lord is hereby requested to grant the group to change the things they can and to accept the things they can't.

So, here is my not-so-anonymous vow . . . My name is Sean. I'm still morbidly obese and I have a food addiction. I can't help the Catholic church or thin the piles of jeans in Dillard's. I can't help Chris Brown or stop the spread of cancer. I can't ever help that I'll be a food addict and, frankly, I can't help our national obesity epidemic.

I CAN change and work on my own obesity. I can work at it with ever bite of food and every step of a walk or run I take (or the time I sit at this keyboard when I SHOULD be walking or running). Let's "accept" that we are fat. Then let's each get on the scale and see what WE can do about it in our own lives. The rest will take care of itself . . . or it won't. Sorry, global warming!


nytova said...

I see what you mean, just like with ANY problem, we have to acknowledge it before we can fix it. Thanks for clearing that up!

Sean C. Amore said...

Exactly - you first have to ACCEPT that even your sweat pants don't fit anymore before you can really address the weight you've gained (smile)!