Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simpson's Wedding . . .

We (and by "we" I mean Wifey) just booked our tickets and hotel for Stacy Simpson's wedding. She's getting hitched (sorry, Tom Kelly) at a beautiful resort in the Dominican Republic and we are super, super excited about the trip.

This will be the first time Joy and I leave the country together (save for a morning spent on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls two summers ago) and my first trip to one of those fancy-schmancy all-inclusive resorts where you have to take a bathing suit and linen pants. Save for the Amore Family Cruise in 1999, this is my first time ever going south of Florida. This will also be our first, true family vacation too.

We could not be more excited (even though it is still eight months away).

We've already started buying clothes (that are on clearance now) to take with us and Ava has been trying, very hard, to pronounce Dominican Republic correctly ("Go airplane get to beach!" she's got down (smile)).

I'm thrilled for Stacy and I'm thrilled that we get to go on a trip!

Sorry, Chachi, for the terrible photo of the two of us (you look lovely as always but I look . . . well . . . ) but I don't have one of us since my surgery - let's fix that on the beach (smile)!

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