Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Simmon Family . . .

I have a co-worker here that is going through the often difficult, emotionally challenging and wonderfully thrilling process of adopting a child.

Joy and I know all too well how hard it can be but Mike and his wife are doing an international adoption and it has gotten very crazy as Ethiopia has cracked down on some "questionable" processes in the courts.

Mike and Chelsea are gooooood people. Their son Gabriel (they have pictures and video) is beautiful and charming and sweet and he's just sitting there. Waiting. And they are just sitting here. Waiting. They are a family separated by thousands of miles, a court system and a whole big ball or red tape.

Anywho - if you are the praying type (and I know SOME of you are) please say a prayer for them. They have a new court date on August 5th.

And if you want to help offset the costs of their adoption and get a very cool looking t-shirt, click here and contact Mike and Chelsea to order one (or a dozen) shirts.

Keep your chins up and love Gabriel all you can, Mike and Chelsea. He'll be with you soon enough

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