Saturday, July 18, 2009

Running . . .

I have been struggling to force myself to exercise lately. To run, more specifically. I'm very much committed to getting in to shape and running but I just . . . ugh.

Work has been crazy (not an excuse) and Joy is getting ready to go back to work (not an excuse) and I'm trying to make more time for Ava and Joy since our lives are about to change again (a valid thing to do - but not an excuse) and I'm out of good DVRed television (not an excuse) and I'm just not sure how much motivation I get out a commitment that I still have essentially four months to prepare for (I know I'll be eating those words in October/November).

Anywho - I can't find my copy of Heft on Wheels (a MUST read for any of us fatties, especially men, who are trying to get moving (literally) in this life) and I can't seem to draw inspiration from the already-bought run clothes (in sizes smaller than my current ones) that mock me from my work-out clothes drawer and even my stalled physical progress seems to leave me feeling "eh, whatever" about the whole thing. What's a man to do? You already know if you're reading this . . . I turned, as always, to the Internet.

Here's what I found.

One, a spot about shaking the "old you"! Another about my favorite topic-to-end-all-topics, moobs. Finally, a very, very funny movie that you can watch on DVD while running.

Let's go RUN, shall we?!

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