Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blowin' Stuff Up in the 'Burbs . . .

I wanted to post a few pictures from our great July 4th celebration in the "burbs."

My NORMAL (and beloved) fireworks friend, my brother-in-law DJ was out of town with his lovely wife and daughter enjoying some vacation time in Kansas City so I assumed we would have an evening without too many explosions and then, thankfully, the call came and we got invited to Park City for some fun in the waning sun with the Timmermeyer side of the family.

They aren't DJ but they sure are fun! We arrived to see this spread of pyrotechnics (fret not the pile grew before it started to shrink) . . .

and the adorable (and brave/slightly crazy) AJ was our fire guide for the evening. (Yes. He's just a young child and his shirt says "Ladies Man" (I'm telling you - the kid was wise and bold beyond his years)). Ava was immediately smitten with AJ (as she seems to be of all boys that are least one year older than her and who are bold, brave, etc.) and followed him around like a puppy dog for a majority of the evening. He was a generous crush. He even gave Ava the punk to light things here and there (supervised by adults, clearly).

Don't believe me that it gets crazy out in the 'burbs? Tell that to the burn in Uncle Bill's shirt that was caused by an arrant firework . . . from the NEIGHBOR'S house. Yeahhhhhhh - we blew the whole block up!

Here is the only successful (of about three dozen attempts) shot I have of one of our aerial blasts going off. The evening was ended with the "Not in My Yard" fun pack that consisted of ground sparks, pops, buzzes and 15 aerial cannon blasts.

Thanks for the invite and the great time, Hibbs/Timmermeyer family. We do love living near family and you are very special part of why that is true. We really enjoyed being with family and having some fun in to the late night (10:30 for us is a LATE night) and might just try to convince DJ and Lexy to let us move our normal party over to your place for 2010. The two Js (AJ and DJ) will make it a legendary night for sure!

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