Sunday, June 7, 2009

So(y) What ? . . .

I have started reading very different magazines lately.  I still get my Esquire and GQ issues monthly and Fast Company, Money and Fortune keep me fresh on the business and financial news-du-jour too.  I still thumb through Joy's O, InStyle (how do you think I chose my sunless tanner?) and Midwest Living magazines, too.

Lately I'm thumbing through Men's Health as much as I am Entertainment Weekly and I am learning all sorts of stuff from it and actually find it to be motivating (great article in this issue with Ewan McGregor talking about how to live a full and honest life) and interesting.  

Anywho - check out this article on my beloved soy!  

It is very interesting read about a food that, if you are like me, has become a pretty major part of your diet post surgery.  It seems that soy (the source of most proteins in shakes, bars, powders and other supplements) is not all sunshine and happiness - for all consumers.

Let's be clear.  There is no perfect food and nothing is for everyone (there are people in this world that literally can not breathe the air around them, for example) and there is plenty of research to show that soy is bad and an equal amount that say soy is good.

The same could go for red meats.  White meats.  The other white meat.  Hot dogs.  Booze.  Chocolate.  Silicon implants.  Lead paint chips.  Cigarettes.  You name it and the opinions widely vary and you can make or break your case.

No disrespect to those that don't like soy and what it has or might do to them but I'm going to keep on eating soy.  And red meat.  And white meat (both types).  Until my moobs and other, uh, "appendages" are altered in some way I'm going to assume I can only continue to benefit from having the food in my life.

Cheers, soy eaters!  

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Larraine said...

I really enjoy edamame beans. Soy is a good source of protein. My son, who is a really good cook, uses soy crumbles in chile and other ground meat recipes. Why not?