Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pretty Pictures, Sorta-Pretty People . . .

We (Stephanie, DJ, Joy and I) gave Mom and Dad Terry family portraits as a Christmas gift.

Well, to be clear, we technically promised to suck it up, put on some nice clothes and go have family portraits taken once the warm weather hit town, if our schedules all permitted on the same evening and if the general quality of our collective skin (zits seem to run in this family) and our general zeal for life was in the right direction.  Nothing says "family" or "Merry Christmas" like a gift with four or more disclaimers. 

Long story long, we made good on that promise a few weeks ago when we spent an evening with Tim Davis who is clearly a GENIUS with a camera because he got seven people who don't like to have their pictures taken (as illustrated by the body language and sneers in every picture I have of any of us) and Ava Grace (the "Why are you putting that camera away after only 1,000 clicks?" light of our lives) to look HAPPY in every picture.  

Tim owns a property here in Wichita that he just uses for photography.  He has a studio inside and a great property of lawn, trees, a quiet street and a stick collection that allows people to just sort of enjoy themselves while he snaps away.  

I had stolen and posted a bunch of my favorite proofs (with captions) but Wifey is afraid that we will all go to jail for this so - for now - you just get to "enjoy" the captions.  If you read this blog more obsessively, you would have seen the photos.  That's on YOU (smile)!  

"You want to get down this street?  Don't let the smiles fool you.  This is OUR street.  You'll need to get through me, the 2 year old, the guy with the hulking shoulders, our very tall father-in-law, the stronger-than-you-might-think nine year old and three of the most attractive butt-kickin' women you've ever met.  Good luck, bub!  Yeah.  I called you BUB!"

"And if I tilt my chin just 1/8 of an inch more, it gets even cuter.  And another 1/8 inch . . . "

"We don't do cute.  We're MEN!  What's that?  Lean on the other elbow?  Oh sure.  Does my butt look big in this shot?  Do I look even remotely skinny?  Yep.  Yep.  We're MEN!"

"I've got a stick.  I'm not afraid to use it.  Come back here.  I want to stab you with my stick.  Seriously.  Come back."

"No.  This doesn't feel like a 'posed' portrait.  We go in our back lawn and sit against our tree, tightly packaged, and just stare at our daughter almost every evening.  And most Sunday mornings.  And I wear jeans allllll the time.  No.  Not 'posed' at all."

"I guess I'm happy to see you because a banana in my pocket?  No.  Why the hell would I put a banana in my pocket?  Oh?  Ha!  I get it.  Banana in my pocket.  No.  Still just, uh, 'happy to see you'!"

"We've been married for 35ish years.  We have two grown daughters, two son-in-laws, two amazing granddaughters and . . . even after all of it I still crack up laughing every time you fart in public, Anita.  You're just an amazing wife and I love you!"

I had no words for this picture.  Only tears.  Beautiful women.  Beautiful life.

We were HOPING to do a family portrait session when the entire Amore clan was here for Ava's birthday this summer but, because of various other obligations, I don't think we'll have a full-family to shoot (likely just Ryan and Erin at this point).  

The GOOD news is that the next time we all get together on my side of the family, we'll have another child with us.  Totally worth the wait, I suppose! 

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