Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laughing With . . .

Regina Spektor is back!

Grey's Anatomy's musical producers are breathing a sigh of relief and so are all the "manly-men", like me, that just love a Russian pianist who sings about the randomest things in the world and makes every song somehow catchy.

I downloaded her new CD last night. It's great.

My favorite song of the moment is Laughing With.

The song - to me - sort of explains, much more eloquently than I ever could, how I feel about God and faith (not RELIGION but God and "faith") for those who don't really believe but don't have the heart to admit it and just how unfair it is to the "big guy" (if you believe God has a gender and it is a masculine one at that) that so many people only talk to or about him when they need something.

Best that we leave him (and his attention) to those that truly believe, that give him "mad ups" (what ever happened to that expression?) in good times and in bad and that need him in good times and in bad, I suppose.

I, as is well documented in this blog (and much to my parents utter dismay) try not to look at or to him for too much either way in hopes of not coming across as needy . . . I read a book one time (it was called the Old Testament - you would love it) that seems to imply he can be a bit vengeful, rathful and spitish to those that flip-flop on him and his ways (and/or worship gold bulls).

I'll have a good laugh with you anytime, God. Thanks for the great life in the meantime! And thanks for giving me and my iTunes library Regina Spektor!

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