Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Wifey . . .

Four years ago today Joy, myself and 125 family and friends met up in Lodi, New York to see the greatest wedding in the history of men named Sean getting married to women named Joy in the town of Lodi, New York followed by a reception at the Ginny Lee at Wagner Vineyards down the street.  

Here, for those who were not (and those who WERE) with us, are my 10 favorite moments of my wedding day (in no particular and order) . . . 

10 - Stopping to get gas after our reception and having the guy in the convenience store (Joy and I were both thirsty) ask me why I was so "dressed up" and, upon me telling him I had JUST gotten married he looked at me and said, simply "Sorry to hear that, guy."  

9 - Seeing Joy show up in the back of the church and knowing that I was about to become a married man and having this wave of emotion come over me that did not go away until shortly after the ceremony ended (those who witnessed our nuptials could clarify that I cried the ENTIRE time).

8 - Being thankful that we hired two buses to drive our wedding guests to and from our "official" hotel so I could demand that one of the buses turn around to return to the hotel and get the CD of the music Joy's friend Juli Buli (spelled incorrectly on purpose) was going to sing to during the ceremony.  

7 - Watching almost all of Joy's male friends fawn over my then-boss Richard's date to the wedding.  And hearing the stories of her general lunacy later on that same evening.  She might have been my favorite wedding guest.  No offense to the 124 of you who I enjoyed the company of for the RIGHT reasons.

6 - Shopping for drinks for the buses the morning of my wedding, bumping in to my mother's cousin, Aunt Vie/Elvira, and having her ask me why I was "alone" on my wedding day and realizing that - a few hours from that moment - I would always have to, at least internally, justify being "alone" if I ever bumped in to friends and family again.  It was a reassuring rush of panic.

5 - Hearing that Heidi Corcoran was so drunk she got hauled home from the reception early and being proud that at least ONE person at our wedding had that much fun.  It is the "party guy" in me.  That sick sense of "pride" will never leave me.  Sorry, adult sensibilities.

4 - Eating McDonald's with Joy at 2:00 AM the morning of our wedding (we technically ate the food the night/morning going in and the night/morning after our reception so "morning of" can go either way).  Simple pleasures, simple minds.

3 - Sitting with Patrick, Joyell, Ryan, Theresa, Jess and Tim at the vineyard before the wedding and just having some wine and beer to relax.  It was the first and last time I just sat the entire day.  It was wonderful.  

2 - Dancing with my mother at the reception and then clearing the floor so my cousin, Nathan, could show it ALL how it is really "done."  I'm talking back flips and "the worm" in one, fluid, thrilling motion.  Go on with your bad self!

1 - Being greeted in the lobby of the hotel by a frantic Tom Kelly who insisted that my father's side of the family had stolen his case of wine he bought at the vineyard and him insisting that I help him hunt it down.  I dumped him off on my brothers.  Co-Best Men indeed!

I love you, Joy.  Thanks for being my wife and my everything!  I look forward to the next 444 years of our wedded bliss . . . and beyond! 


nytova said...

Congrats you two! It was a WONDERFUL day. Your vows were special, the reception was so fun, and the location was gorgeous. An all around great memory for this wedding guest!

nytova said...

P.S. I loved Richard's date too. And the father/daughter Mr. Roboto dance was awesome!

Sean C. Amore said...

Hands down the BEST moment of the reception was Joy and Dad Terry doing Mr. Roboto. I didn't mention that because it was not "my" moment but I feel like people got Joy's sense of humor there . . . no longer my "straight man" she was the jokester of the moment! We loved having you with us, Carrie!

Sean C. Amore said...

Who did NOT love Richard's date? I mean REALLY!?!

This Show said...

On point 10: (Gas station on your wedding day)
I had done a road gig in Augusta, GA and the clerk had to leave the reception early to start his shift at the "Race Track" gas station. (Don't let the name fool you. It was a low end Mobil.)

Point 9: Your vows made me get teary eyed.

Point 8: On turning the bus around to get the CD.
Delenick deserves a shout out on this one. It had the magic of the beginning of an 80s movie. Can we find the CD and get half the guests back in time? Also . . . there were two moments on that ride where I was sure half of your wedding guests to die. Worst driver ever.

Point 7: The Date Anyone who enjoyed her didn't have to talk to her. Much like having your wine stolen. It's much funnier when you're further away from the situation.

Point 5: I was plastered and having a blast. So much so that I bought a case of wine.

Other points that I loved before I remark on Point 1:

* Joy and her dad doing Mr. Roboto. Joy was ahead of the game on cool wedding dances before You Tube made them passe.

* The vineyard is still my favorite location for a wedding ever. With the Cohn wedding being a close second.

* Having a single person at the wedding willing to put up with my advances. I find I have the most fun at a wedding when I can flirt . . . and then fail in the end. I'd love to elaborate. But I'm sure you would delete my post if I did.

And now to Point Number 1.

Frantic wasn't the word. I was simultaneously heartbroken, enraged, and pissed.

Your father's brothers stole my wine while I went to the ATM to get a tip for the bus driver because none of those cheap folks volunteered to chip in for it.

Your father's brothers didn't have the Amore charm of "Gee I wonder who took it." They were just mean thieves.

Your brothers however were at their best.

Realize at this point in my life, in the month prior, my car had been wrecked, Grandpa died, Grandma's house burned down. Grandma moved into half of my space at my mother's house. My new car was a piece of junk.

I was so drunk that I had convinced myself the only nice belonging in life I had at that point in life was that $150 case of wine.

Pat and Ryan knew right of the bat which of your Uncles had it. Pat kept me calm. Ryan brought me off the ledge of tears.

I am still impressed with their ability to calm me down.

They tracked down the case of wine and returned it sans one bottle of wine which your trashy uncle was already drinking.

Moral of the story: Watch the wine. Forget the bus driver.

Thanks to Ryan and Patrick that was my favorite wedding of June of 2005.

Happy Anniversary Sean and Joy.

Sean C. Amore said...

NO need to clarify or explain, Tom. It is absolutely fine that you asked for help with wine and - yes - my brothers are the best. I DID feel bad for you about your wine and for the record (Uncle Mike), I don't think you are "trashy" just, uh, misunderstood and a thief (that part is true (smile))!

Ah, Simpson. The one that got away (despite the ropes, duct tape and double locked door (smile))! We do love us some Simpson!