Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whaddarya, Chicken? . . .

I'll admit it. I'm a HUGE fan of all these restaurants and chains coming out with these "healthier" options for their patrons.

Call it self regulation. Call it fear of lawsuits. Call it good corporate citizenship. Call it responding to the trends of the American eating habit (yes, according to the federal government we are, as a country, starting to watch what we eat). Call it whatever you want but call it a GOOD thing.

McDonald's introduced the all-white Chicken McNugget in 2003 (insert Ryan laughing here as Joy says "These are the best chicken nuggets I've had since, like, yesterday!") and then came the grilled chicken sandwiches at fast food chains everywhere. Next came the wrap/tortilla trend. Then the reduced fat and low/no-fat condiments options. Then came the wheat/whole grain roll. Then the smaller portion "snack menus". The bottled water option. The salad. The Fresco Menu. Long John Silvers got in the game. There are hundreds of "movements" I am skipping here but - let's get to the point.

KFC as in Kentucky FRIED Chicken (your acronym doesn't fool me, Colonel) has come out with a grilled chicken option (the chain tried this once before, if I remember correctly, with a skin-less dining option that failed a few years back) that is actually pretty nutritionally sound.

There is still no real reason to eat any of the sides or the biscuits at KFC (ESPECIALLY if you are a GBer like me - come on people, be serious) but with 35 grams of protien and only 4 grams of fat and 180 calories, the grilled KFC chicken is actually MORE nutritionally sound for my body than the protein bars that I live and die by (I miss you, South Beach bars (whimper, whimper).

I am taking a web design class today and have a full hour for lunch so I'm going to go check out the chicken (what else are you going to do on the West side of Wichita at lunch time (smile)) and - for those that want to do the same - check out this coupon for a free grilled meal. You have to print it TODAY and use it in the next few weeks but . . . have at.

Just skip the side dishes and the biscuits, GBers. Seriously. Just the chicken. You'll be fine. I promise.


TJK said...

Hahaha having a flashback to Joy craving chicken nuggets!

Sean C. Amore said...

Joy DOES love her some chicken nuggets. To this day. She's only human, I suppose (smile).