Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grizzly Bear . . .

I downloaded the new Grizzly Bear album this evening.  

Here is how I know my sense of "music" has evolved over the years and my "interests" in things has changed . . . I love it because it doesn't make me want to "do" anything - except blog, apparently.

Long gone are the days when music I liked made me want to dance, drink, eat, celebrate, mourn, talk, walk, let my drawers droop, turn my hat backwards, wear preppy clothes (not that my tunes inspire my fashion), drink a foh-tay, uh, inhale deeply and hold my breath or try to apprehensively cuddle up to the cutest woman in the room or try to put my sweet, sweet seductive moves on Wifey (get some Maxwell if you want to really understand the early days and months of Joy and I's awkward, awkward intimacy - again, sorry ladies, I'm taken).

Nope.  I'm no longer influenced.  Sure I would RATHER have something upbeat and spirited while I'm trying to walk and run my way to a skinnier, healthier me but I don't really look at music as anything beyond sounds to fill my ears (except when I'm putting together a playmix for Ava at which point I try to keep the profanities to a minimum and the sing-a-longability to a maximum).

The new Grizzly Bear album might not show up on any of Ava's mixes any time soon (she's much more in to Boots, Backyardigans, the creatures of Yo Gabba Gabba as her "musical artists named for creatures" tastes go anyway) and they probably won't show up on my treadmill mix any time soon either BUT they made me want to type a blog post.  Something I haven't really "felt" like doing in about a month.

Thanks for giving me something mellow to type to, boys. 

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