Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fragile Human Experience . . .

I won't get in to my personal politics too much here (let's just assume I am pro-choice in just about any debate over a right-to or right-not-to choose) but something absolutely crazy happened this morning here in my beloved Wichi-Wichi.

There is this doctor, George Tiller, who has an abortion clinic.  Yes.  In Kansas.  I know, I know.  And - as you might imagine - people here have very strong feelings about this gentleman and his profession.  He was recently on trial for performing unethical late-term abortions and, if the average Kansan is against all abortions assume a slightly higher percentage is against late term.  

Anywho, he was acquitted.  The court (and a jury of his Kansas PEERS) decided that he had done no wrong.  He could go back to doing what he did (performing what he believed was a service to safeguard the quality of life for the women he treated) but the YEARS since he was first accused of wrongdoing and his recent acquittal had been tense to say the least.

A billboard on Kellogg (one of the busiest bi-ways in town) said that "No One Was Above the Law" and threatened that "God Was Watching" and that "You Too Shall be Judged" and every board mentioned Tiller by name.  Protestors would go to his church (yes, the man was comfortable enough in himself that he would worship in a Christian church (gasp went the bible thumpers)).  Pictures of aborted fetuses in tow.  Families, with young children, just trying to love the Lord were exposed to their anti-Tiller propaganda and acts of protest.

Then, today, it went alllllllll wrong.  The man was SHOT and KILLED.  In the parking lot of his CHURCH!  It is true!  Rub your eyes.  Shake your head.  Let it sink in.

Someone was sooooo sure that their God was upset with Dr. Tiller's actions that they got their gun off the rack in the back of their truck (let's just make some assumptions here, people) and kissed Ma goodbye this morning and sped on down to the Lutheran church to get-em some justice.  Yep.  This jerggov actually thought that killing Tiller was OKAY.  And doing it in a church parking lot, before services, with kids and families everywhere was just fine too.

Hmmmmm.  Two wrongs don't make a right?  I read that in the bible Mrs. VanSlyke pounded against my head as a teenager.  Thou shall not kill?  I read that in a courthouse in Georgia (and in about half of all John Grisham novels).  No man shall pass judgement on another for only the Lord has that right?  Okay, I made that one up but some of you biblical scholars could probably connect that dot for me in a pinch so - we'll go for it.  

Here it is, people.  Just LIVE YOUR LIVES!  Don't worry about other people.  Focus on you.  Your spouse.  Your kids.  Your job.  Your lawn.  Your stamp collection.  Worry about your drive to work and what you're going to have for dinner.  Ponder your favorite color and why ground bison is so damned tasty.  

I can't understand why people need to get involved in this.  If he broke a law - let the court deal with him (which it did, finding he did not).  If he is doing something terrible and against God's will (snicker, snicker) let GOD take care of him with a trip down below for all eternity.  If you think you have the moral high ground to right his perceived wrong(s), take it up through the appropriate channels.

We all deal with this.  Every day (clearly to a less extent).  People who just have to have an opinion on what you do and how you do it.  They judge your shoes or your car.  They think your parenting could be stronger.  They think your blog has too many typos and you are too defensive about fat jokes and sizism.  

It really is not that far of a jump from here to there.  It is a slippery slope, more importantly.

How about this?  Let's just all live our own damned lives.  Let's go to church on a Sunday or make peanut butter-banana quesadillas for your wife and daughter while they play princess and castle and not worry about who else is doing what. 

Let's not worry about anything but our own STUFF!  Unless you see someone who is truly in harm's way and help them out (chase that bear away when you are camping and the guy in the next tent over starts screaming, if you want) and unless you are asked for help in some way (you can give that homeless guy some money, if you want) and until you are actually but on a jury or asked to sit on the bench in the black robe . . . just mind your own business.

We would ALL be happier, I promise.  And the world will be a little safer for those people who do just want to live their life, go to church on a Sunday morning and not have to explain to their kids why the guy across the parking lot is DEAD.


Larraine said...

Thanks, Sean! What a sad thing to happen.

Sean C. Amore said...

Very, very sad. I've actually been in a funk about it ever since I heard. I just don't understand what would possibly bring someone to kill another person - period.