Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coming Out of the Closet . . .

No. Put the phone down. I do not owe you $20, Tom Kelly (you see we have this bet where I thought he was . . . and he thought I was and . . . well . . . nevermind). I wanted to share one of the more odd pieces of "fan" e-mail I've recieved since I started the blog with you. And then honor Weirdo McGee's request anyway (I'm trying to make this blog a little more interesting and dynamic). I HOPE the guy is messing with me and/or that he has a good sense of humor as I mess with him here.

Without further delay - here's the note . . .

Sean -

Thanks for the great blog. I tripped in to it a few weeks ago (I am considering having gastric bypass surgery and was looking for information) and I've read every one of the hundreds of posts in just the few short days since. I really admire your honesty and your wife (Editor's Note - I told you this note was weird).

One question. You seem like quite the clothes horse. What does your closet look like? Do you find it thrilling to shop for clothes now? One of the main reasons I want the surgery is so I can buy better clothes. And maybe get a wife like yours once I dress better. (Editor's Note - Seriously?)

Can you talk about clothes and shopping on your blog? Pretty please?

- Name Withheld

Here's my only real response . . .

Dear Name Withheld -

Let me answer your questions in reverse order.

1 - Yes. It is MUCH more enjoyable (I don't know about "thrilling" to shop now than it was 300 pounds ago. I can go to more than just the Big & Tall stores. I can actually find things on sale. I can try things on. I can (but don't) expand my universe of "personal style" (Khakis-fo-life, suhhhn!). I can use regular sized clothes hangars. All that being said, I still buy about 90% of my stuff at JCPenney and/or the sales racks at other stores so . . .

2 - I have a moderately sized walk in closet that houses a majority of my clothes and a chest of drawers directly outside of my closet that houses the rest. I keep my jackets and coats in the coat closet off our main living room. I keep my running shoes in the basement (the laundry room, specifically).

Here is my chest of drawers. Wifey picked it out and bought them (she has a matching one) while I was still sofa-surfing in Connecticut. The candles and picture are Joy's touches. The frog bowl was a gift from my friend Melissa many years ago. It is one of like three things I still own from my DC apartment. I love it!
The top drawer is all socks (I have 64 pair (I am a little OCD about my belongings so, yes, I know exactly how many socks I own). You would also find a box of pushpins and a knife cutter in my top drawer too. Not sure why.
The second drawer is undies and undershirts. I won't elaborate on either of those things. That's just icky.

The third drawer is my collection of pocket and graphic t-shirts. I have 17 pocket tees and seven graphic tees (three from my agency, one from Indian of Wichita (it was a gift from a new biz pitch), one with Kansas Jayhawk stuff on it and one honoring my alma mater, Quinnipiac) and one from a ground beef promotion.
The bottom two drawers are sweaters. My "work" sweaters are in the fourth drawer and my "weekend/personal" sweaters in the bottom drawer.
My closet is equally boring, I promise.

I keep my work pants, weekend pants, colored pants, sweatpants, sleep pants, sleep shorts and and the suit I wore the day Joy and I got married and the khakis I was wearing the day of my surgery on the bottom bar. They are all organized in sections. I own nine pairs of khakis. Six fit me. Three are too big but I love them too much to get rid of them. My orange cords, pink chinos and baby blue chinos are all there too.

The higher bar is filled with my suits, my sportscoats, my dress shirts, my long sleeved button downs, my short sleeved button downs, my golf shirs, my sweatshirts and my rugby shirts. Each of those categories is organized in ROY G. BIV order with white on the left and black on the right. I own 19 dress shirts (that fit me - I have five more that are too big but that I love). I own 11 long sleeved button downs, seven golf shirts, six short sleeved button downs, four sweatshirts (one from Brown, one from Cornell, one from Quinnipiac and one from Wichita State) and two rugby shirts.
You can see my ironing board there on the left behind my dream and focus boards (don't ask but it is part of my whole "I'm going to better myself by surrounding myself with positive thoughts and energy." It actually works, believe it or not. I keep my boards in my closet because I get dressed and undressed in there (yep - my NAKED TIME happens in there) and that is when I try to recharge my thinking. I have a full sized mirror in there. You can't see it but I have a tie rack where my 57 ties all hang - color ordered pink to black. My two bow ties are at the very end. On top of the tie rack is the painting I did the night I met Joy (the second of three things I still have from my life DC apartment), a picture of Ava from her first Mother's Day, a belt buckle and coin from Joy's Grandpa Terry's estate, an old wallet full of almost all the Chinese Fortune Cookie Fortunes I have receieved since graduating from college (hundreds of them to say the least) and my collar stays. And 47 cents. Not sure how that got there.
Along the top of my closet is my shoe shelf. The pair of sneakers Ava wore the day she learned to walk are on the far left. My flip flops are next to those. Then my sandals, my aqua shoes, my three pair of sneakers, my four pair of casual shoes, my three pair of black dress shoes, an empty space where my driving mocassins should be (may they rest in peace) and my four pair of dress brown shoes fill the rest of the shelf (it runs almost the entire way around the closet).
I keep my laundry in a basket on the floor next to my sleeping shorts (you can see it in the picture above) and I keep my spare hangars adn the hangars of clothes in the laundry near my rugby shirts (you can see them too in the picture).

That's it, Name Withheld. A tour of my closet (and chest of drawers).

Good luck with considering surgery. I hope you make the decision that is truly right for YOU and that makes YOU happy. Surgery is not for everyone and - if I can put on my Shrink's Hat I would argue that the surgery will not make you happy or fashionable on its own and it probably won't automatically net you a wife like mine either (she is amazing but she was with me long before my surgery so I can't really attribute that win to my GB either).
And for the rest of you - feel free to send ALL your crazy questions, thoughts and comments to me at I will happily give you the best response I can compose in short order.


Larraine said...

Sean, you're just NOT a Fashionista, are you? That's ok. On the other hand, I was THRILLED to be able to buy a pair of dressy black slacks and a terrific very cute black and white top with flutter sleeves right off the rack. Having gone down 5 sizes, I am absolutely thrilled. Yes, I am. So, Name Withheld, you too may be thrilled - even if Sean is just happy. :) I know some of the "girls" out there will be.

Sean C. Amore said...

Well "fashionista" might be a bit strong but I would say I am Sartorially Aware (smile). Congrats on your recent rack finds and your weight loss success that enabled that shopping experience!

This Show said...

Fashionista would imply Sean is a clothing snob. Sean has, however, always been a classy and well dressed man.

And I think that's always important to point out, Sean. How you found Joy before the surgery and lucky you were to find Joy and how she always saw the inner Sean . . . when his sexiness came in other sizes.

PS I owe you a story about being at "Underwear Night" at a bar. I don't owe you $20. But I accidentally started some rumors.

Sean C. Amore said...

I'm pretty sure just telling me you HAVE a story about "Underwear Night" at the bar is enough for me to assume you owe me $20 (smile)!