Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vote for A Talented Young Woman . . .

I mentioned Joy's cousin, Airelle, and her music once before here on the blog.  

I'm so very impressed with her stepping up and doing something truly different and tapping in to her talents and ambitions.  Airelle is not a GBer herself but - as you know what she is doing is a big part, in my opinion, of life after GB - to step out of your conventional "roles" and "self" and to really take this chance to become who you really are/were the whole time.  

Anywho - being a vocalist/songwriter/etc. seems to be working quite well for Airelle.  

Airelle has her first "gig" later this month at a jam session (or whatever the hip kids are calling them these days (smile)) and then her first full gig is in early May.  Aunt Melinda also tells me that she's going to be doing some regional touring with a California-based group this spring/summer as well.  

Her group, Degenerate List, is currently featured on a music web site called West Side Willy that helps promote new, upcoming and "lesser known" artists as a new artist to watch.  You can (and please do) click here to link to Airelle's MySpace page where you can listen to and vote for her songs.  

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