Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vitamins and Minerals . . .

I stood over my vanity this morning.  Freshly showered, hair combed, deodorant applied.  I reached for my sunless tanning lotion (Yep.  My every-growing vanity has taken me to a liquid form of fake tanning.  Judge all you want.  Your sneers and mockery will not penetrate my orangy glow.) and chomped down on the "peach" Flinstone's Complete Vitamin in my mouth.  

I realized that I have eaten, largely faithfully (I'm not perfect) two Flinstone's chewables and two Caltrate 600 D Plus supplements every day since my surgery.  That is 773 days (the Internet is full of wonderful things like "day calculators" (in my defense I estimated it had been just about 800 days since my surgery).  Two years, one month, 11 days.  

That is 1,546 of each pill.  3,092 pills.

I take these pills GLADLY (I don't want my hair to fall out any faster than it already is, I really, really like having a skeleton in working order and I also enjoy the fruity goodness of these chewables first thing in the morning) but I did some number crunching (as I crunched my Calcium).  

At $14 for every 120 Calcium "treats" and $16 for every 120 Flinstone's "candies" (as Ava calls them), I've spent nearly $400 on daily supplements since my surgery.  If I live another 50 years (God willing) and if the pricing stays the same - I'll spend another $10,000 over my lifetime on these daily needs.

That seems like a LOT of money.  Then I consider that, in my family there is a prominent history of diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, strokes, cholesterol issues, kidney problems, liver problems and depression.  And I think about how quickly my weight would have lead me to ALL of those problems (and maybe more) if I didn't have this surgery as a preventative measure to safeguard my health and I think about the HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars those medications could have all cost over my lifetime and the thousands and thousands of pills I would have taken.  I also presumed that most of those medicines would have simply minimized the impact and damages of these conditions - not cured them or really extended my life.

$10,000?  Seems like a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.  

My bronzing skin glowed.  I was satisfied with my expenses and general health.  And, with my peace, the "peach" Dino vitamin in my mouth tasted all the more delicious!

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