Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thinner is Greener . . .

With Earth and Arbor Days both slated for this week - it seems like everyone is "going green" or talking about the need for all of us to "go green" for these two very important holidays (forget the other 363 days of the year, if you really feel like you must) and it seems like - with all the problems in the world today - some great minds of found the real solution to global warming.

Dieting. I totally agree that it is more expensive to be heavy. More taxing. I agree that if you weigh more it costs more to transport you (I think I even blogged about an article that cited better fuel efficiency for skinnier people). I can completely see that the production of modified foods puts more waste in the planet and that the obese eat more modified foods than our skinnier compliments. I can even see the argument that as we get fatter we buy bigger clothes (more waste) fill up airplanes faster (more flights), get bigger cars to accomodate us (more fuel consumed and lower efficiency) and even build bigger houses that cost more to build, maintain and heat/cool and that require more resources to build and more land to be strippped to allow for the homes to be built. I get all that. And I am a FIRM believer that we should get skinnier in general.

But - come on. Really? Do we need to blame the Earth's own demise on obesity? I've seen the dinosaurs (or at least the bones, artist renderings and CGI animations) and some of those creatures seemed fat. I've seen fat dogs (but their poop greens the park around the corner so . . . ) and I've seen skinny CEOs of companies that seem hellbent on destroying our planet to make a few bucks.

So - do we blame all this on the overweight?

Yep. Forget all the recreational things that we do that fill our earth with pollution. Forget corporate responsibility. Forget the government regulations that allow polluters to pay fines to keep on dumping (have you ever seen the cost/benefit ratio to some of these fines? LAUGHABLE). Don't even worry about large cities following New York's example to raise tolls and other fees to encourage carpooling and off-peak travel. Don't you dare encourage hire gas prices as a way to curb elective driving. Why bother redeveloping the hearts of our cities, where people can walk to and from work, home, food, amusement and culture when you have the suburbs and wide open spaces to destroy? I know. I get it. All of that is useful. If we could just get SKINNY though.

Ugh. Plant a tree, hug it and then get back to what you were doing.

Including getting skinny. Maybe I should try Mother Nature as motivation to get me to the gym. I haven't tried that . . . yet.

DISCLAIMER - I'm not really "upset" about people making obesity part of the planetary debate.  I'm really not.  I just think it is "funny" that this article is very matter-of-fact and serious about the importance of obesity in this fight.  Just seems a little misguided.  NO reason to clarify that no one believes obesity is the sole cause of global warming (or whatever).  I get it.  Really, I do.  My rage is just for "effect".  

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