Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Jones on Oprah . . .

I am neither a fan of Star Jones NOR Oprah.  However - two of the most annoying women on the planet will join forces today to talk about a number of things including gastric bypass.  

Rumor has it that Ms. Jones will be talking, at length, about how gastric bypass is NOT an easy way out of obesity and that it is NOT something that should be seen as a quick fix or a guaranteed solution.  This from a woman who denied - for years - even having the surgery until it suited her purposes to talk about it (perhaps she is doing it again now - I've lost track, does she have a new show or something) BUT I will take it.  

I'll take any one trying to set the record straight on GB.

Someone please watch the show for me and let me know if there are any good nuggets that come out of it.  Otherwise, I'll try to watch for press coverage of the episode and see what I can post here.

Could we all be inspired by Star Jones?  I'm skeptical but time will tell! 

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This Show said...

Did you see the interview?

Maybe it's a good thing she let's people know how Gastric Bypass is not easy. It's not. I see how hard you work.

I know other people who got it and they didn't have your diligence.

If there is one thing I've learned from you it's that gastric bypass is a life decision . . . not a quick fix.

What's funny is she wrote a book about how she was great at diet and exercise.