Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So Close, Yet So Far Away . . .

We're getting down to the wire, folks.  Only eight remain on The Biggest Loser.  They are all so close to getting off the ranch and going back to real life but I feel like - for many - they are SO far away from being truly ready for that.  

Oh my.  What an episode.  So nice (that is sarcasm) to see the contestants finally moving past all that "let's lose weight and do the right thing and celebrate our successes and each other" and get to the stupid game play and the negativity.

First - it was great to see two former winners of the show looking good and doing well but please GOD, NBC, do a little more work to develop their hosting skills if they are going to stick around (I was sooooo glad to see Allison drag her butt out of bed - a few days after giving birth to a child - to manage the weigh in).  If I had to hear Michelle say "You guys" one more time . . . 

Second - Tara.  Tara.  Tara.  Tara.  You have come so far.  You are doing so well.  Stop the bus heading to crazy town.  Get off it.  Acknowledge that you are changing your life.  Stop being soooo insecure.  Stop lying about how much you want competition.  Stop.  Just stop.  Lose weight.  Be happy.  Be honest.  Otherwise it is all for naught.  Believe you me on that.

Third - Nicole.  You look amazing.  Congrats on your progress and on being disinterested in the game and for letting us, the viewers, see just how crazy everyone on that ranch is by week 13.  It was nice to see the subtle undertones of the show through your eyes.  I'm sorry you had such a bummer of a week.  Go home.  Get married.  Make beautiful and healthy babies.  Feel good about being true to yourself.  Thanks for your tearful and inspiring exit chat.  I ALMOST made it through an episode of The Biggest Loser without crying.  And then you had to say goodbye with so much class.

Fourth - Ron.  Stop making Gastric Bypass out to be the problem.  You had the procedure 13 years ago.  The medicine has evolved.  The understanding has evolved.  The lifestyle has evolved.  You were not ready.  You were not disciplined.  You were not a good candidate.  You failed.  Your surgery did not fail you.  Your surgery did exactly what it was supposed to do.  Gave you a little pouch to replace a big stomach.  That you stretched it out, abused it, overate and regained all your weight and then some is on you.  I say this knowing that - GOD FORBID - it is me and ONLY me that will be to blame if, 13 years from now, I have gained weight back and am struggling.  And to the show itself . . . stop putting mystery around Gastric Bypass.  The bleeding was from existing ulcers.  NOT from gastric bypass surgery.  Enough already.  You're just spreading negativity.  I get your spin/slant . . . that hard work, exercise, color-coded t-shirts and reward challenges are the only way to really lose weight . . . but that is not REALITY.  That is your take.  Some of us are doing it without the t-shirts and the challenges.  The hard work?  Sure.  The exercise?  No comment.

Fifth - The rest of yuns.  I'm over almost all of you.  I wish you all the best but stop with the stupid game play.  Just lose the weight.  Stay above the yellow line.  Be happy for each other.  Encourage each other.  And please, please, PLEASE get hair cuts.  I can't wait for the make-over episode.  I need you all trimmed back and re-colored (Kristin) ASAP.  

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Katy said...

The hair makes me crazy.