Monday, April 20, 2009

Pedi Madness . . .

Who's foot is this . . .

a) Mine
b) A mystery woman's (Who's foot I (as a man with a foot fetish) secretly, uh, enjoy)
c) Wifey's
d) Ava's

If you said . . .

a) Be Serious. I would never go with pink and a flower and a diamond all at the same time (any two at one given time MAYBE)
b) I'm not a "foot" man. Sorry, ladies!
c) Nope. Joy did get her nails done but this is not her foot.
d) Yep. Ava got her first pedicure today.

Gamma Amo madness has hit the Wichi-Wichi. The butter loving, toe painting, matching outfit wearing ends tomorrow though, sadly, for another couple of months.

Does any one ever wonder why I say this blog is about obesity, weight loss or ME? I read my own posts some days and wonder how annoying I must be to the average GB patient/fan/curious spectator/etc.

I PROMISE to get back to fat-talk one of these posts. Promise.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

I'm pretty jealous of little Ava's pedicure. I can't comfortably paint my toenails anymore. Guess a pedi is in my future too!