Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Baby's Getting Married (In 25 Years (I Hope)) . . .

Joy has been buying some dress-up clothes for Ava lately. Our little girl has moved beyond the days where one of Joy's (or her own) purses and a pair of old sunglasses made her feel pretty and special. She's no longer impressed with her acrylic 'high heel" shoes. She doesn't get fulfilled with her tutu as much as she used to (ironic considering how much she wears her pink, white, blue and purple tutus - in PUBLIC even).

Nope. Our little Bidders has moved on to full Princess attire. She dresses as a Halloween Witch. She wears her fairy wings with her snowsuit. She dresses - gasp - like a bride.

The most awkward part of this whole thing . . . how Joy and I both cried when we saw the center of our world in a wedding dress knowing that, eventually, it would really be her wedding day. I really should buy stock in Kleenex!

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