Friday, April 24, 2009

The Official Snack of Summer . . .

We didn't have Dairy Queens in Upstate, New York when I was growing up (they might not have them now - I'm too lazy to check) but I would see those TV commericals for the Blizzard (back before every ice cream shack in America made a Blizzard, a Snow-Storm, an Earthquake, a Mudslide or some other dessert that is sweet, cold and creamy but named after an often negative-effect carrying act of nature) and I would lust, openly, for Dairy Queen. Sort of like my friend Casey's father lusts for Sonic (which we have PLENTY of here in the Wichi-Wichi).

Joy and I would often stop at a Dairy Queen either on our way to or from my brother Patrick's apartment when we lived in Maryland and we would occassionally hit them up when we visited Kansas too. We enjoyed ourselves a Blizzard. Wifey was in to the randoms like Banana Creme (vs. Cream) Pie and I was in to the traditionals like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Oreo Cookies and extra fudge sauce (don't knock it until you've gotten brain freeze from it).

Long story long, it has been YEARS since I partook in Dairy Queen (three or so, to be exact) and I might have blissfully gone through the rest of my life without having it again if it had not been for Joy having a "I want dessert" moment the other night.

I won't blame her. It has been warm here. HOT, you might say. Highs in the 80s. Lows in the 70s. Humid. Polleny. Spring-is-herey.

I was more than happy to get in the car and get her something to follow dinner with. I drove the Dairy Queen. Saw the drive-thru line. Thought about calling the Blizzard run off and then figured - what the heck - I'll go inside.

And there, as I waited in the equally long line at the counter, I saw the "Take Home Freezer." That frosty tease of a three-door display that rivals only Friendly's in terms of the sheer volume of ways a company can flavor, combine, form, package and market frozen dairy products (Watermelon Roll, anyone?), I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye. There, on the far right and in the back. Just one box left. But an important box none-the-less for, becaues of that box, I am pleased to make a formal announcement.

I found the "Offical Snack of Sean Amore's Summer, 2009." The DQ Fudge Bar. At only 50 calories and with zero grams fat, three grams sugar and four grams of protein. I can feel okay about having one every few days - even with the $7.50/box price tag.

That's right. A frozen snack that even a calorie-counting, dessert avoiding, sugar fearing, post-gastric bypass patient like me can openly enjoy DOES exist. It is there. It is available. And it comes on a wooden stick and it is DELICIOUS.

I highly recommend picking up a box, if you have a summery itch to scratch. Yuhmay!

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