Monday, April 13, 2009

Look Deeper . . .

I hate Simon Cowell and I hate American Idol. NOT because of the talented people on the show but because of the mean, dark and cynical nature of the way the "auditions" are televised - the way they exploit people who dare to dream and who dare to get in front of people and share their "gifts" (even when there is no present inside the box (smile)).

Take heed, people.

Don't let looks and general appearances fool you. Strange is not always a negative adjective and surprises can come from anywhere! Watch this whole video.

The best seven minutes you'll spend with Simon Cowell as long as you live.

Enjoy the chills. Get inspired. Give people a second chance - or a FIRST.


Larraine said...

I downloaded that video. I also sent a link to it to everyone on my email list. What an incredible scene. Look deeper is right!

Burt said...
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Burt said...

That show is great for surprises like that. Check out the look on the judge's face when the contestant says he is there to sing opera.

This guy won the 2007 season!