Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everybody . . .

Well, Easter is all over but the disposal of the dyed eggs. We had quite the celebration here at Chez Amore. We not only had our immediate family but we had both sets of our parents, one brother in law, one sister in law, our only neice and one of Joy's Grandmas too. A house full of love and a great (even with the cold and rainy weather) day to spend with loved ones.
Gamma and Gampa Amo had the Easter Bunny stop by on Saturday for a pre-visit. He brought about sixteen packages (kid you not) from Upstate New York that included toys, clothes, a DVD, some candy and various seasonal trappings. Ava's favorite gift from the whole pile? Two Easter pencils. She quickly discarded all the rest of the stuff to enact the adventures of "Egg Pencil and Bunny Eraser." Quite the imagination on that one . . .
The Easter Bunny returned on Sunday morning with the rest of Ava's haul (this time coordinated by Mommy and Daddy). We really did try to restrain ourselves this year but this was the first toy-centered holiday (you should see how excited Ava got for President's Day this year (that is sarcasm)) that Ava was truly excited about. For weeks, several times a day, Ava has asked what the Easter Bunny was going to bring her and when he was coming. Turns out all she really wanted was pencils but - he brought her this whole pile of stuff anyway.
The family came over a few hours later for an Easter Brunch. Dad Terry is on one of those "special" diets (and he's been doing very, very well and we are very, very proud of him) so he was our unofficial host for brunch. He was all smiles - until he disappeared while the rest of us ate (poor guy).

We had quite the spread on the Boo's Block. Note the Easter table cloth, egg shaped bowls and dressy attire on everyone. Joy and I were in sweats and t-shirts when everyone showed up. I guess we missed the memo that people were doing the fancy thing this year . . . it was fun to see everyone all dressed up.

We had a kid's table for Ava and Lexy - even with all the leafs in the real table - we just couldn't quite accomodate everyone. Joy made Fancy Nancy Pink Lemonade for the girls. It was a real hit. Lexy looks like a young woman lately. Scary that she's getting so mature looking. In a good way, technically, but scary.

After dinner we all just sort of sat around and talked. Four generations of strong women in the house was quite the thing. Grandma Timmermeyer went ahead and schooled my father and the liberation she feels since leaving the Catholic Church after 56 years of going every Sunday (take THAT Knights of Columbus).
Uncle DJ played the blushing bride during the requisite "dress up" part of the Easter party. He's quite a good sport when it comes to letting a nine and almost-three year old girl pull his "feminine" side out of him. Not to fret, brother, in about two more months our country's birthday will be here and we'll be blowing stuff up at the end of the driveway. Machismo will rule that day!

Other Mother was none-too-appreciative of the picture of her I chose to acknowledge her birthday. She jokingly implied that I might be intentionally picking the worst pictures I could for her. Now - I ask you - if I was not out to protect the best interests of my mother-in-law and to extend and further her dignity - would I really chose this picture of her wearing a crown and cape and blowing out the candle on a plastic birthday cupcake? Well, maybe she does have a point - this ONCE!

Happy Easter, everyone! Thanks for sharing the day with us, family! Missed you terribly, brothers!

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