Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pie . . .

In the Amore family we have many, many "traditions."

We put the beer and wine in the snow for Christmas Eve dinner (not enough fridge space for all that boozy goodness) and we each open one present on Christmas Eve.

We never spend New Year's Eve as a full family (bad luck, I guess).

We get "love you" notes from Mom on Valentine's Day.

We used to have "lamb cakes" for our respective Saint's Days (my father still gets one on St. Joseph's Day).

We eat Easter Pie. What IS Easter Pie, you ask?!

Well . . . Easter Pie is an Italian tradition (at least a tradition for the Anthony Amore of Italy family - the rest of you Italians might well be scractching your heads and asking what the heck I'm talking about - you non-Italians are probably surprised we don't use pizza or pasta for every meal (smile)).

My father carried the torch from his father and, in our generation, Ryan is the steward of the Easter Pie tradition.

From his earliest days at St. Bonaventure, Ryan would come to DC to spend Easter with his brothers (and hords of other admirers) to hone his skills as a pie-man and to carry on what is probably his favorite Easter tradition.

I would have full-blown Easter Pie "parties" during my DC days. 15, 20 pepole would come to the apartment. We'd spend the day grocery shopping, drinking and baking and then everyone would eat a big slab of Easter Pie and every drop of booze in their system would vanish and they would be sober again.

Easter Pie, you see, is SERIOUS business. Each pie has (and I may be exaggerating here) five dozen eggs, three pounds of cheese (one pound of each of five cheese varieties), four pounds of various meats (all of which happen to be salted, cased and/or tubed (not a drop of organic, free range chicken breast to be found in these pies), a half-dozen spices, three sticks of butter and a flaky, store-bought crust to enclose it all.

I would estimate that the average Easter Pie partaker consumes about 750 calories per slice - and we call you out as a coward if you eat less than one slice.

When I lived with Ben in DC he once ate 1/4 of a leftover Easter Pie out of sheer boredom. And couldn't get off the couch for three days (insert blasphemous Jesus resurection joke here).

I used to LOVE Easter Pie. Love it. I would whoop up on it at the table, eat a little more while I was doing the dishes adn I was the first one to microwave a slab while everyone else was trying to sleep off their first round of heavy, heavy tradition.

I would eat Easter Pie for every snack, meal, nervousness breaker and boredom killer until the pie was gone.

I haven't had Easter Pie in four Easters though. The last time I partook was a particularly stressful day for me. We had Easter Pie at Patrick and Joyell's apartment. Joy and I were prepping to move to Connecticut and were waiting for Ava to be born. Joy was working on a movie so she couldn't go and I was very sad to be alone, tense and with my brothers and some friends for what I knew would be the last Easter Pie I ever enjoyed as a "local" (and, without my knowing, the last time for several, several years). I think I ate three slices. And took home leftovers that I ate on the drive back to Baltimore.

I don't miss Easter Pie. I don't. I still eat eggs and/or Egg Beaters. I put a little cheese on them. I will mix it up with some turkey bacon or turkey sausage every now and again. I leave out the butter and the pie crust.

Life goes on. Food is not as important. I don't miss the misery of a slice of Easter Pie and a half bottle of champagne.

I do miss my brothers and the tradition though. I miss the time with them. I miss Ryan's excitement for pies (he called me twice in the days leading up to their celebration at Patrick's house to share the joy) and I miss that I'm no longer an active participant in the TRADITION of Easter Pie.

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nytova said...

maybe you don't miss easter pie... but i do! yummmmmmm