Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clown Tent . . .

We are doing a new business pitch here at work.  Part of any "good" new business pitch is really understanding the product and the service you are pitching.  

That often involves field trips, meetings, agency credit cards and downtime.

Combine ALL of the above and you get this video . . . 

I am toooooo self-conscious about myself and my body to have actually gotten in to the tent to participate in the fun (I did get in there with just Shawn and Imp for a few minutes).  In my mind - me in the tent would have precluded the other dozen or so people from being there.  

I wonder when/if my brain will ever see me as a "regular sized" person.  


DMSJ said...
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DMSJ said...

Bah! I wanted to edit my previous comment, but it didn't work.

In any case, what I wanted to say is that I've struggled with weight loss my whole life, and thought of myself as HUGE when we were in HS. Then, years (and 50ish added pounds) later I looked at pictures from that time, thinking, "Wow, I'd love to be that 'fat' again."

And even when I lost those extra 40-50 pounds, I still had the idea that I was bigger than I was. Clothing that was my actual size looked way too small for me, and things like that. (Of course, now I've had a baby, so I've been all up and down the size/weight line in the past two years!)

I don't know if we ever get over seeing ourselves at our worst. Particularly those of us with body/self-image issues to begin with.

Sean C. Amore said...

I agree with you, Dawn, we never really give ourselves any credit about our own progress. Maybe that is not such a bad thing though when you are a chronic weight gainer like me (smile). Cute kiddo!