Sunday, March 22, 2009

You Should See the Other Guy . . .

Two hours after trying to put Ava down for her nap - we called it quits, packed the family up and headed to Dillon's for the weekly grocery run.

Well - let me tell you - that parking lot must have really said something bothersome because Ava got a running start, tripped on her sneaker (or something) and took a serious header to show that parking lot exactly who was boss (she found out, upon impact, it was the parking lot).

This was our first serious "injury" as parents (we've had some bumps and bruises but never the bleeding, immediate head swelling, crying, anxiety or the size/fury of the tears we had today.
"Come get some!" - she screamed at the asphalt upon getting up (Okay, I made that last part up.)

We abandoned groceries for the week and got her home. Put her face on ice (smile) and then waited it out. She seems to be doing just fine. She refused to eat at dinner so stuff is pretty much back to normal (smile).
I waited until Mommy had calmed down and snapped some shots of my kid and her forehead shiner, her split upper lip and her swaggart. Ava will live to fight another day (see picture below if you don't believe me (she's ready for a rematch)) and we'll always have these pictures so we can always remember Ava's first "fight".

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