Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well Played, Mr. Silver . . .

We got some exciting news today.  A good friend from back home, Tricia and her husband are going to give Sebastian a little brother or sister in a few months.  This is, of course, very exciting news for the Udlands and we are very happy for them but - we get a little bit jealous of pregnant people so, understandably, Joy was in the mood for some "grumpy food" last night for dinner.

Now, let me be clear here.  We are NOT junk food people.  We don't eat all organic, all healthy, all wonderful all the time but we are not drive-thru loving, McCredit Card carrying food losers either. 

I used to be though - and, for a while - I dragged Joy down with me.  Oh yes.  Once upon a time I could count The King, The Clown, Wendy, The Colonel and any other mascot of a fast food chain a close, personal friend.  I can remember quarters where I felt solely responsible for Taco Bell outpacing Wall Street analysts.  

There was one place I was NOT a big fan of though . . . Long John Silvers.  You know who DID love that place though?  Joy.  That's right.  Wifey is a seafood lover . . . well, certain types of seafood (I don't know what exotic reef hush puppies call home but Joy was sure glad that they were made available to those of us on the mainland).  We had a LJS/Taco Bell close to our house in Baltimore.  We frequented that place quite often (including the very last thing we did in our old neighborhood the day we moved to Connecticut).  It has been years since we hit up a Long John Silvers though (at least that I'm aware of).

Last night it was pretty apparent that Joy needed some serious comfort food though.  So - I did what any good husband would do.  I loaded Ava and Joy in the car, took a deep breath, and hoped that the meal would at least satisfy Joy.  It always hit the spot for her in the past and she needed something to help get her happy . . . and it was either LJS or IHOP and I could not drag myself to a plate of two over-easy eggs tonight.  It would have to be "seafood".  

Much to my DELIGHT . . . Long John Silvers has a whole new line of products for those of us that don't enjoy (or try to minimize enjoyment of) french fries, fish "planks", hush puppies and other deep fried fish and chicken goodness.  

I give you the Freshside Grille.  Three fishes to choose from.  Rice.  Veggies.  350 calories.  I don't eat fruit or veggies (very often) and I wasn't sure what was in the sauce on the veggies so I pushed those to the side and I am not a rice person (never have been) so that was a non-eat for me too but, what I did enjoy (and it was actually really very tasty) is a 110 calorie, 22 gram of protein housing piece of tilapia. 

It tasted no better or worse than any piece of fish I've had since I joined the rest of land-locked America (I do miss living on the "coast" in certain contexts).

Well played, Mr. Silver.  I would call you John but then I would feel like I might have to call you "Long" John and that is . . . well . . . that is what she said (Imp is giggling right now, even if the rest of you are not).

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