Friday, March 27, 2009

"Snow" Storm . . .

The Wichita Eagle found some pompous blowhard (click the link and watch the video - it will make more sense) from Upstate New York to completely dismiss the, uh, "Blizzard of 2009." He took the bait. And said "like" like, uh, like 14 like times in the 10 like seconds he was like on like camera like. Holy CRAP I hate myself some days.

I know I mock way too much and way too often but this storm (while not yet over) was hyped all week long with everything from 19" in snow to severe cold and wind the likes of which could bring a man to his knees.

Uh - we're almost 24 hours in and the city of Wichita has yet to see a single snow flake (sleet and freezing rain do not equal a blizzard).

Stay warm, Wichita! Stay classy, Weather Guy!

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